Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Revised colors : )

I started this TT, finished a square, took it into the dining room, AND decided the colors didn't match anything.

Thx to GF's Melody & Elaine [without blogs!!!] I have a shoebox full of Perle Coton #5s. I removed the dk blue and changed to DMC208-purple. I removed both greens and replaced with DMC 3346, 3347 & 3348.

I have not decided on the pink (dmc 604) or lt purple (dmc 210) for the outside border. The yellow circles need a center ... maybe pink? and there are squares needing to be filled ... maybe lt purple?

Myrna stitched this same design in Pink Floral color choice on ivory TT cloth. It is so beautiful. I think Myrna has 8-9 tabletoppers already completed!! A beautiful collection - IMO.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WIP Progress Pix

Added more to the border & added lots of YELLOW : )
Had to give my eyes a break from the linens.

Stitching by Nicholas:

Progress on Angel of Winter, Lavender & Lace Designs, #33

Nic has some extra time this week for stitching, while he is enjoying Spring Break. Tomorrow is his Assessment Test at Purdue NC & he selects classes next week with his Advisor. Hard to think about him starting college in the Fall

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sampler Game Board WIP

C.A. Zittel - The Drawn Thread - c.2003 Sampler Game Board
I added a few motifs and another house in the lower right corner

15 houses
18 motifs

33 Total squares stitched ... 31 squares to go!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

some progress pix

The Drawn Thread: Sampler Game Board
I added the Lower Right 2 squares -- house and lamb

I replaced the square with initials & date with a lamb from Generosity, Drawn Thread, c.1997

14 Houses
15 Motifs
29 Squares Stitched

I started the Spring Floral Tabletopper this week.
designed by Claudia Dutcher, c.2000 Dutch Treat Designs

This 40-count linen is a challenge. I did get the buttonhole edge around both sides

I will work on the finishing a little at a time. Next step is to sew the front & back together using some sort of chain stitch.
This is from SAN-Q, Spring 2001
One challenge is counting by three threads instead of two!

Today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING ... and we have 4" to 9" of snow in the forecast for Friday & Saturday. Hello, Mother Nature, it is SPRING now ... would you please cancel the snow? Until Winter? Thx in advance

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buddy Update

I took Buddy back to the vet this a.m. He had his stitches removed & the halo/collar removed. He was laying in the back seat of the car & seemed happy licking his paws. When I was near home, I reached back to pat his head ... oh no, his ear tear was open and bleeding -- called the vet & drove back. After looking him over a second time, it seems the ear tear was healed ... except for one section near the tip of the ear. They wrapped his ear & he shook his head -- it flew off. They wrapped his ear a second time and put the halo/collar back on. Poor Buddy. The bandage stays on a couple days. I made him scrambled eggs for dinner.

Received the premium booklet for the Porter County Fair. Not sure how many entries I have to exhibit. Seems I have less stitching projects in the works than last year. Will have to look over the booklet again and see what I have for the fair. I just have to get something submitted this Summer : )

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Compliments of Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
I used GAST Mulberry & Dried Thyme; DMC 632, 950, 3064, 3781, 3768, 3021, 3721, 420 on 32-count Waterlily Linen

I found this cute tea bag charm & might use it if I make a scissor fob.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hope Accent, PS Freebie, Buddy Update

Thx so much for the e-mails and comments over the past couple of days. I appreciate them : )

Nordic Needle announced they are repeating their Bookmark Challenge (March 20 through May 8). "After the challenge ends, we will hold a drawing and the winner of the drawing will receive a $100 gift certificate to Nordic Needle! The more bookmarks you send to us, the more times your name is entered into the drawing and the better chance you have to win!" Check out the 3/10/08 Newsletter for details.

I was asked for more information on my accent (photo in previous post). It isHope Sampler Accent A Breast Cancer Fund Raising Needle Work Project. c.1999 by Barbara L. Rakosnik, Periwinkle Promises. This was a kit w/29-ct white Glenshee Linen, Mill Hill beads, and Kreinik's Soie d'Alger silks. I changed it a little bit by adding the button. As far as I know, it is still available for purchase.

Finished the abc 123 freebie from Prairie Schooler. I used 32-ct Lambswool linen & suggested DMC Floss.
Freebie can be found HERE

Our Buddy
Took him to the vet's office this a.m. They removed the bandage & the stitches remain until the next visit. I'm keeping a close watch on him. His ear looks ok, he is on pain medications & antibiotics. He seems happier with the bandage off -- tho, the halo thing is bothersome to him.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gameboard & Buddy

OK, Pam, proof that I got my gameboard out!!!
I hope to re-do this corner. I want to change the square with initials to a lamb motif from the Drawn Thread pattern, Generosity

Our Buddy injured his ear this morning. He was walking on leash, and somehow sliced thru his ear in a couple places. The vet fixed his ear & I take him back in on Monday or Tuesday

He is still drowsy from the medications -- I feel so sorry for him

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Four Centuries of European Tapestries Exhibit

The Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, 60603-6404

November 1, 2008–January 4, 2009

After a design by Justus van Egmont (1601–1674), produced at the workshop of Gerard Peemans (1637/39–1725). A Scene from the Story of Caesar and Cleopatra: An Amalgamation of Scenes from "The Story of Cleopatra," "The Story of Caesar," and "The Story of Zenobia and Aurelian," c. 1680. Brussels. Gift of Mrs. Chauncey McCormick and Mrs. Richard Ely Danielson.

A Divine Art: Four Centuries of European Tapestries

From the Web Site:

November 1, 2008–January 4, 2009
Regenstein Hall


For the first time in the history of the Art Institute, a major portion of its unparalleled tapestry collection will be featured in a spectacular presentation in Regenstein Hall. The exhibition will feature masterpieces from the 15th through the 18th century that will cover entire walls of gallery space. Subject to an extensive conservation process in Belgium, the tapestries were examined by scholars who made extraordinary discoveries about the collection. These findings are detailed in a fully illustrated catalogue that will accompany the exhibition. This presentation will show these works of art at their best—dazzling the eye beyond expectation.

The Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, 60603-6404

Museum Hours :
Monday–Wednesday, Friday, 10:30–5:00
Thursday, 10:30-8:00 (Free 5:00–8:00)
Saturday–Sunday, 10:00–5:00

The museum is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's days.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Laying Tools, Part 2

Any bloggers with additional information, links, opinions, photos -- please advise & I'll add links!! I think it is helpful for beginner stitchers to have a grasp of needlework tools & usage.

- - - - - - - - - -

More information on Laying Tools:

ooops! I forgot about the Tekobari. Marjorie (Moonsilk Stitches Blog) sent me an e-mail about her laying tools & mentioned the Tekobari. I don't own one. If I every see one, I will absolutely buy one : )

The Gilded Edge has a marvelous tutorial on laying flat silks w/Tekobari. I really liked this site & the photographs above & below the frame demonstrate the use of any laying tool! (and, if you wanted to know how to use Koma -- check HERE)

I tried to take some photos - but mine were not great [lighting issue]. So, went on-line & found wonderful tutorials. Link Here for another site with laying tool tutorial. PLUS, they have a section of Free Samples loaded with complimentary patterns. There is one by Laura J. Perin which (IMO) would be great to practice with a laying tool - has loads of straight stitches / satin stitches.

Another excellent LINK HERE demonstrating the use of laying tool. The pictures are wonderful!

OK, I realize now, that I didn't get the link in my last post for Glass Laying Tool. They are quite beautiful. I have never held one in my hand!!

FINAL TIP: Don't forget the Thread Heaven. IMO - helps tame the fibers and keep them tangle free.

Happy Hearts SAL

Added more letters and dividing bands ....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Laying Tools, Part I

I was asked, via e-mail, about keeping fibers from twisting ... using laying tools and railroading. As always, describing something is one thing ... pictures are much easier!!! I thought I'd picture laying tools in today's post -- and then, try to get photos up tomorrow about how I use them. With one of the boyz help, I think I can manage : ) I hope this is helpful, and please consider starting a blog!!!

In March, 2007, I did a post about laying tools pictured on my afghan. And, seriously folks, I use all of them. I like laying tools, I don't usually stitch in-hand. I'm a two handed stitcher & prefer using a q-snap or scroll bar frame. These are my opinions. I'm sure other stitchers have different favorites - likes/dislikes, etc.

Bone Needle better photograph! I tend to grab this most frequently!!! For me, I like the feel of it - and the length. Plus, I've dropped them & they don't break. I bought a few of them at House of Stitches.

Perfect Stitch Laying Tool photograph here. The best feature is the thimbles come in different sizes & it is comfortable. And, you don't have to HOLD it while you stitch. The bad news is that you can poke yourself with it!! I was in a workshop once and one of the students was using a trolley needle. The teacher launched into a great big lecture about trolley needles & poking your eye out!! Yikes. If you use it, don't forget it is on your finger -- ok??

Best Laying Tool (BLT) photograph. I use metal laying tools when I use metallics. Esp b/c I put a groove in one of my wooden laying tools from metallic thread. Advantage is that you can set the tool on a magnet & keeps it from rolling off your work when you flip it over! The point on the BLT is sharp - stiletto sharp. Excellent length, IMO.

Lacis tools scroll down to rosewood stiletto. I have two wooden laying tools. They are great for watercolours, flower thread, perle cotton. I like the grooves in the wood. The disadvantage [again, IMO] is the length. They are just too long. I prefer a shorter laying tool. I like the feel of wood in hand.

LAST, but not least, I have a couple needles from the craft store. I keep a yarn needle and/or a doll needle in the car. They are inexpensive - and I don't worry about them getting lost. I tuck them into a 'in-the-car' project. I suggest giving this a try FIRST, before purchasing a more expensive laying tool.

I have not tried any of the glass laying tools. I don't know if people actually use them or just admire their beauty! I have not tried using a trolly needle - but, it looked kinda heavy and thick. I do own a brass stiletto which has a cap. I don't use it as a laying tool. I use it to open up canvas squares when I'm going to stitch eyelets. Perhaps it would be a good laying tool - I'm not sure. The point is rather sharp!

There are a couple web links, I found, with 'instructions' for laying tool use HERE and railroading HERE

Sheila, I hope this is helpful. I'll put up a 2nd post tomorrow.

Stitching in Hand

This is the start of Prairie Schooler's freebie, from their web site. Located HERE. I am using two strands of DMC floss on 32-count Lambswool linen.

When I am stitching in hand, I don't use a laying tool. I railroad the stitches. Bring your floss up thru the back & place your needle in between the two strands. Pull the needle thru to start first half of your x.

Come up again thru the back to complete your x. Place the needle in between the 2 strands of floss.

Pull floss

This is usually what it looks like right before I tighten the stitch

Ta Da

Generally, I like to stitch rows top to bottom & usually stitch one "x" at a time. Many of my friends stitch rows from left to right, make 1/2 the cross stitch going left & they return going right to complete all the x's.

To decrease tangled fibers I like to run my fibers over Thread Heaven. If you are not familiar with this product -- go to the link!!


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