Thursday, March 15, 2007

Corner Square - WIP

I am stitching another corner block on my afghan. Not much progress to report!

I was asked about laying tools. In December, I bought a bone needle from House of Stitches. I really like it! It is light & the perfect length for bossing around these floss strands. I use a laying tool for canvas stitches, satin stitching on linen, and on afghans [when I'm using several strands of floss].

I own a different LT's. I use metal LT w/metallic threads - nice b/c they will stick to a magnet & not roll around on the project. I have a BLT by Shay Pendray. The wooden one I own, is Rosewood (I think) similar to the one pictured on the Lacis web site. I have used a perfect stitch Laying Tool, which is similar to a trolly needle. In a pinch, I've used a yarn needle!!

Response to other Questions: Tori is home this week for Spring Break from Indiana University. Nick leaves in a week for Virginia Beach - his Band Trip. Alex had 3 performances last weekend & has 3 performances this week-end in High School Musical. (he is a skater dude & basketball player).


Barbara said...

Wow, sounds like busy days in your family! I hope everyone's having fun. I bet it's great to have Tori home. :)

Chelle said...

Acorns!! Gotta love those acorns... Your afghan is growing more beautiful by the moment. Love it!

Michelle said...

It's coming along! Thanks for the information on Laying Tools - I'll have to try one.

Anonymous said...

Your afghan is coming along marvelously. My laying tool is my favorite stitching "accessory", I only use it for needlepoint though, not cross stitch.

stitcherw said...

I love the acorns, I think they are my favorite part of your afghan.

A laying tool is something I need to get. I have a trolly needle that fits on my thumb, but I don't like it very well. Plus with 3 cats I'm scared that one of them may jump up sometime and get stabbed as it wouldn't have anywhere else to go if is stuck on my thumb. I'd like to get a larger one I hold, as then I could drop it (or their landing on me would cause me to drop it) and the risk to them would be less. Also, the other styles are so much prettier. :)

Carol said...

Very nice! And you can imagine how much I love the PS rabbit needlebook atop your afghan :-)

BeckySC said...

Oh, I love it more and more each time :)


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