Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Interwoven Expressions Exhibit & Sale

Alexander brought home a brochure [from school] on this textile exhibit & sale. The photographs in this post were on their web site. More Information, pictures & map HERE

WHEN??? Sat., Oct 20, 9am-3pm

WHERE???Valparaiso, Indiana

Per Web Site: Originally an annual sale of the Duneland Weavers Guild of Northwest Indiana, the exhibit and sale has matured into an independent premier midwest juried forum for creative fiber expression. The weavers of northwest Indiana are now joined by fiber artists from distances of Detroit, Kalamazoo, Indianapolis, and Lafayette. Here you will find original textiles and works in fiber, featuring handcrafted garments, baskets, books, holiday treasures, as well as rugs, pillows and other interior furnishings. For more information contact Lu Terock at terockL at aol dot com, 219.762.7748

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


sigh, not much more to share. This cold is one of the worst I've ever had. At the end of the day, I'm without energy to stitch!! Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

Because of this for-krap cold, I had my son hand carry my Mom's gift to her. I stayed in the car -- my Mom's birthday is Friday. I gave her the Soweth Sampler which I finished up in June or July. She called & said she liked it. Go me : )

Thx to Melody & Elaine who have a bag of stash for me. I am grateful.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Stitching with a headcold

Sew With Kindness
Freebie, c.1997 - Mary Garry

I'm using over-dye [GAST] and cotton floss [DMC] on 25-count raw linen. Won't she look better with eyes & hair .... LOL. Her skirt has little motifs of hearts, scissors, cabin. More soon -- I just knew I'd come down with this cold. I could feel it coming on ... DH told me once I was over the fever, I'd feel much better. Yeah, right. Everything just hurts. The only thing that sounds good is taking a nap.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stitching by Alexander

Wee Wooly
Cecilia Turner, c.1995 Heart in Hand Needleart

Alexander [youngest son] stitched this a couple years ago. He used DMC cotton floss on aida cloth. He selected a Mill Hill crystal heart & braided the lamb's collar. We made cording. Together, we started to complete the finishing -- and, it got 'lost' in Alex's room. Last night, I added the cord + lamb button.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quilt Show in Crown Point, Indiana

Heritage Quilters will have their show:

Saturday, October 6, 2007 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, October 7, 2007 11 am - 4 pm

Timothy Ball School
720 West Summit St.
Crown Point, IN. 46307

Mark your calendars now : )

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clox Sampler

One evening, while flipping thru some SAN-Q magazines, I came accross an article by Eileen Bennett on 'clox' and samplers. on page 30, I saw a photo of the blue clox sampler (courtesy Minnesota Historical Society) ... which looked kinda familiar to me. I pulled out my NeedleArts magazine, sure enough, there was a blue clox sampler for sale from the St Paul Needleworkers chapter of EGA.

Here is a picture from their web site:
Wouldn't you like to stitch it, too?

Near the end of the article, SANQ Spring 2003, the author made mention of clox patterns being available in knitted pattern books (or should I say books of patterns for knitting?). Guess what? I own one. And, now that I've read the article, recognize the clox patterns in the book I have by Carola Forg called Traditional Motifs for Needlework and Knittingc.1985 ISBN: 0-937274-65-8. Is that kewl or what???

Never mind, I'd love to get my hands on the Samplers of the Pennsylvania Germans book by Tandy + Charles Hersh. Anybody have a spare $300-$450 for a used copy??? Yikes.

-------------- also .... I forgot to add a link to my post re. EGA seminar. The class pieces on display for GLR are for a seminar they will be hosting. This is a link to the GLR -- which has an area for you to pop over to the class photos & registration info. Look HERE to find Threads of Friendship, 2008 stuff.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3 Aug 2007 - Demonstration

On Friday, Aug 3rd, Elaine, Deb & I were at the Lake County Fairgrounds, Heritage Stage, for a needlework demonstration. We had EGA brochures, information re NANI, newsletters, and donated cross stitch supplies [aida cloth, cotton floss, etc] I don't know if any of the guests in our small audience came to the chapter meetings since that date. I would have liked to have been there longer to just sit & stitch - chat with those who passed by.
It was hot & humid. Did I mention very very hot & humid? Think - slippery needles! Yeah, aside from that, I think we did ok. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

I had permission from Ruth Ann Russell of C Street Samplerworks to use her motif for Queen Stitch demonstration. I used DMC floss on 28-count waterlily evenweave. Also, SharonB In a Minute Ago gave me permission to use her stitch graph. Thank you both! It is a nice way to expand needlework from cross stitch - basic x - into additional stitches.

Personally, I like the texture the queen stitch adds to samplers. I realize many of my stitching pals dread the Queen Stitch : )

EGA Seminar, Chicago Illinois

Last Thursday, Melody, Sue D, & I went into Chicago. We wanted to take a look around at the EGA Seminar, located at the Marriott Hotel in the loop. None of us had ever attended seminar & with it being nearby, we thought we'd take a look around!
A special Thank you to Marjorie H for sending me the schedule of events for Thursday. It sure made it easy to find everything
We chatted, merrily away, on our commute. Enjoyed the walk from the station to the hotel, stopping along the way to see the beautiful floral displays in the garden planters.

I was gobsmacked by the EGA exhibit in Salon III. They had some of their textiles on display - from the EGA collection [housed in Louisville, KY]. Plus, the display of ICCs and GCCs were awesome. The photos in the magazines do not do justice to these projects. The tapestry panels were on the wall -- how fabulously interesting to look at them!! Next years seminars projects were on display -- loads of eye candy to view.

Another area had EGA merchandise for sale. Also, silent auction pieces ... opportunity drawing pieces -- what an outstanding assortment donated by various groups and individuals. I picked up a couple EGA charms [photo above]. I thought they would look interesting on a beaded or stitched scissors fob.

There was a large area full of books, on sale. Talk about a needleworkers dream library! I went over to the 'sale' table & pickedup one interesting book -- it was $100.00, so I quickly set it down : ) Yeah, this living within our means gets boring when there is so much I'd like to BUY! Some of the sampler books were on display - including the Maryland sampler book [exact title escapes me right now], taking orders for it, but it is a lovely publication. btw, imo - it is very hard to purchase a BOOK, full of photographs, when you can see the real textiles on display in the NEXT room.

Behind the registration counter, was a room with GLR projects. WOW. They had some unique & interesting pieces to sign up for! So, how do you decide?

The boutique was in full swing when we walked in. Loads of fibers, beads, beads, bead patterns, bead models ... did I mention the beading section??? I've never seen anything quite like it.

We crossed paths with a few of our NANI friends [Joan, Carol C & her friend Cathy, Aggie G] who were taking classes that day [sorry to have missed seeing Marjorie H and Sue H ... I heard Deb L & Linda H were there earlier in the week]. One friend, Aggie G, was the class angel for a painted threads class taught by Tanja Berlin Berlin Embroidery Designs. We were invited to come into the classroom after their lunch break to meet the instructor, see the class model - and other designs [oh, so kewl], and see how the stitchers in the classroom were doing! I was impressed : ) Each project was unique - even tho they all had the same pattern. I look forward to seeing some of them FINISHED : ) Yeah, you know who you are .... Aggie & Marjorie.

Again, thx Marjorie H for the information, emails, and I certainly enjoyed reading the seminar bulletins that you published. Outstanding!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

On sale now!

I got an e-mail from House of Stitches ... it has arrived in LaPorte, Indiana ... my copy is in the mail. I can hardly wait : )

Friday, September 07, 2007

American Heart Assoc - 18 Aug 2007

Is this kewl or what??? The scissors were a gift [thanks!] and the heart was a 'kit' designed by Linda, owner of House of Stitches, LaPorte IN.

I was a volunteer for the Midwest Stash Exchange & was assigned to the "make-it, take-it" table. Guests of the event donated $1.00 for the kit & quickly made up this sweet fob for their scissors or for a zipper pull on their sweatshirts/jackets.

If anybody wants a kit -- there were some left over. they should be available from House of Stitches, with proceeds going to the American Heart Assoc

Per e-mail from House of Stitches: ".... snip .... On August 18 we held the first annual Midwest Stash Exchange. It was a great day with stitchers buying, selling and trading their old stash! The weather was surprisingly cool and pleasant. And best of all we raised nearly $700.00 for the American Heart Association. (We chose the charity before I had a “cardiac event”!) We plan to do it again next year; hope you can join us! Stayed tuned for the date. ... snip"

Oh my stitching friends, you would not believe the nifty stuff I bought!! I found a couple used paperback books on samplers -- some sampler motif kits, sampler [repro]patterns -- some Blackbird Loose Feather patterns/linens, Homespun Elegance small patterns, Hillside Sampling pattern, etc, etc, etc. I enjoyed chatting with Ruth Ann, Sue D, Deb L, Amanda G, Gen C & met her daughter, Nancy was there -- Donna was selling -- and most promised to bring MORE next year. some I have not seen in a couple years : ) Nice to catch up with friends and meet NEW ONES. Like Pat and Conie ... yes, you know who you are ... and I owe you an e-mail : )

I am rusty blogging tonight. Nice to have the house to myself as DH & the boys are at the Railcats baseball game. Tomorrow is the Popcorn Festival in Valop -- Nicholas will be marching ... not sure what the weather will be like

Stitching by Nicholas

Nicholas had four wisdom teeth removed on 8/30. My GF, Mel, obtained this pattern & linen ... dropped it off that afternoon. So, Nicholas has a new project. This time, he is trying linen. It is Angel of Winter by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum (Lavender & Lace) c.1995 Told in a Garden.

I had to laugh this afternoon. I dropped him off at his job & he was complaining that he doesn't have any time to stitch! I told him to join the club & said we'd have to find some free time for our needlework : ) Eventually, it will look like this: I'll have to remember to take pictures of his progress ....


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