Monday, April 17, 2017


I have continued to knit Antarktis (pattern by Janina Kallio).  Yarn is wood rose, BloomingYarns Cashino.   Also a few more rows on hitchhikker wrap (no curent pic)

 News.  In the current Piecework Magazine, 
my knitted Lace No. 10 photo is on pg. 4.  I know.  How cool is that?
more info on the trim, LINK HERE.

I struggled with dishcloths knitted on the diagonal.   GF, Sue, had knit these many times.  She patiently showed me the ropes, and I finally got the hang of it.  Sugar n Creme yarn, size 9 needles.

... and, once I had the 'know how' knit this for GF Amy.  Pattern is Leisure Arts, Love to Knit Dishcloths by Evelyn A. Clark, called Radiating Hearts.  Sugar n Creme. 

... this free pattern was from Yarnspiration web site -- link HERE.  Sugar n Creme yarn.

This is  new-to-me yarn, Lion Brand 24/7, cotton.    Pattern is Leaf Lace dishloth ...  link HERE.

I like to have my fav needles close at hand + worry about ruining the points.   I have been using this wonderful woven pouch + it is perfect. 

Toys -- did you see the sheep shape stitch markers? 

I wasn't sure about the yarn-it, yet, when I saw the sale, bought a pink one.   I hope to keep the "hat" yarn free of cat fur.   oh, the shedding. 

Fusing ... embellishing.   More photos - link here.

My iron is a mess -- a gust of wind blew the mistyfuse into the iron plate.   After cleaning the iron, I am looking forward to making this owl kit w/DD.

and.... if you like contests .... 
if you are in the neighborhood --- 

visit Lace Day!!!   
 details on the
Lafayette Lacemaker blog, link HERE.


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