Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sewing Smalls

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I admit my last photo (awhile back) was fuzzy. This is a clear snap ; ) per request. This is a freebie chart by Ellen Chester. Link in sidebar. If anyone is interested in joining a new on-line group of sewing smalls, check out: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stitchingsmalls/

Since I've been asked, the background is the Ann Scutt Sampler -- from Scarlet Letter. I bought the kit in the Fall of 1998 .... currently my oldest WIP.

I'm working on some hemstitching later today. Got my diagram out & will give it a go. May have a finish in tomorrow's post. Stitch well today.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Needlebook MIOM / WIP

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I knew I had another needlebook in the works .... I have this lovely Prairie Schooler pattern ... c.1994 .... I started the rabbit several years back & knew I needed to move this out ; ) I like stitching critters! I've been on a needlebook kick for a week. I don't seem to have enough of them to grab & take along. Move It Out Monday continues .... with my frog charm nearby to WART off mistakes.

Checked my stash for another linen piece. Did locate 32-count Daily Grind -- may restitch the Milkpaint sampler. Maybe I'll do a test run in the corner to see if the color is what I want -- or, I'll try prarie grain (greens may not work, though) The motifs are great stitching. No BSing (what a bonus). Not sure what to do with the one I've finished ; ) Will pass that along to the WTF pile .....

Checked my WIPs (2005). Still keeping my New Year's resolution to: Fix it, Finish it, Stitch it, or Pitch it ... Not including workshop pieces (took the class to learn / not necessarily to finish) I think I have 12 WIPs (4 workshop) . The WIPs I know of are not going to be done by 12/31!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nearly there with NB's (MIOM-WIPs)

I had not planned an entry today; however, Alex & I were out taking pics of spiders, bees, and wiggly stuff. Learned in a hurry about that button on the digital for close-ups ; ) Pics were for his school journal.

Did I mention there are composition books at Staples (office supply store) with GRAPH paper inside? They are around 70 cents each. Engineering students will have to step aside once stitchers find them. The books I own - with graph paper - come from the bookstore (made in Spain) and don't lay flat. These inexpensive composition books are GREAT.

My Milkpaint (M.Garry). Love the design. I think this needs to be on darker linen. The colors didn't show up as much as I like. I frogged out some & changed colors a bit (this past week). Will put the final border on later tonight. Undecided about the inside. May have to set it aside while deciding what to do.
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This NB is most likely my oldest WIP. I have a small amount of stitches .... before adding a felt insert. This is going to be a simple NB for my sewing basket. I don't know the designer or pattern name --- really, an old WIP!
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Friday, August 26, 2005

Sidebar Genius .... lol

What a week. What a day. My sidebar continues to be under construction. I've tried to get everything done .... ha. Depending on what hour I worked on that.... there were dots without words -- extra spaces -- missing stuff. Then, when I tried to add -- I'd mess up what was ok. Would forget to save! I cannot spell. I cannot write. I cannot type. I cannot alphabetize. I kept saying out loud "oh no" "oh no" "you have got to be kidding" you know ... idiot speak. If you spot errors .... I apologize in advance. I only work on blogs an hour at a time. No more than twice a day. Idiot speak. I keep learning.

I got so sick of my .coms & .orgs -- I started a whole new section called "look here 2". I'm thinking .... just put stuff in no particular order. I swear. I'm so un-kewl with techno speak.

I FINALLY figured out how to translate web sites. Now I can actually read the blogs in languages other than English. Genius those google techno folks.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Got Stash? New stash ....

Present for Sewing Well - Sampler c.2003 Mary Garry
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Learning is Most Excellent c.2003 Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
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Spring Cookies c.2003 Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Blessed Are the Peacemakers c.1998 Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm so happy with my new patterns. In fact, I'm thinking to use some motifs INSIDE the needlebook I'm working on .... Stitch Well Today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

SBQ & Needlebook - MIOM / WIP

SBQ 24 Aug 05: What is the largest project you've ever done? What's the Smallest?

A. The largest project I've ever done is a WIP - called the English Band Sampler, course offered by EGA. (http://www.egausa.org) I started the course in 2003 - received my certificate a month (or two) ago. The sampler still needs more embellishing. One of these days, I'll get it out and work on it again. The smallest project has to be the 3 kittens. (earlier post) I prefer small things, i.e. lapel pins -- taking patterns and stitching over one thread. I enjoy small, in-hand sized projects. btw, would like to do Heart's Content - Sampler Pinkeep ..... soon .... anyone else have that one?

This is the photo off the kit. Remember the Ladies series by Kreinik -- Milkpaint Sampler by Mary Garry. I chose this on 8/22, knowing how few spare minitues I'd have to stitch this week AND because I had some frogging & very little stitching left to complete this charming project (started in 2001). The finishing should be interesting with the hemstitch outer border. I'll keep it simple inside .... more pics when I'm doing the happy dance!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Who is that Beautiful Girl?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is our oldest daughter, Victoria -- I call her "Tori".   She graduated High School & will be a Freshman at Indiana University TOMORROW.   That is in Bloomington, Indiana.   Tori came into the kitchen for a snack while I was updating my web log .... caught me with the tears and says "STOP it".   I didn't realize I was on my stitching web log -- thought I was on my other web log ... too emotional of a day for me. Thanks for the cyber hugs.   Tomorrow I'll be in her empty room cleaning ...   We love her & are excited for her.   End of Mommy Brag for today.

Adventures begun, I started letting go ...

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I held my breath ....

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Oh, The places you will go ...

I love you so much. You are moving out & I am so happy + so,excited for you .... Cannot stop the tears today. Sorry. You are loved. I am so proud of you. I will miss you.
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Stitchers are Kewl, Hip Hoppers & MIOM

This photograph has a couple items of interest. The towel is one of 3 designs by Linda Bird (The Design Connection, Inc.) called Berry Basket. I finished the Strawberries (3rd place ribbon @the fair). Will finish blueberries and blackberries some day. AND my only bee skep -- Mill Hill kit. It was a fun kit to stitch!

I got to thinking over the week-end how totally cool we stitchers are. Plus, was thinking how more kewl I am since blogging .... we often use the 4-letter "F" word -- 5-letter "B" word -- frequently engage in S.E.X. -- we do it & toss it aside into the WTF list. Talk about what is sleeping in our drawers -- creative use of patches -- and get together with other Thread Heads. (the hostess being the Head Thread). I seriously checked out SharonB's Wisdom thru the ages section .... read what seemed like several hundred entries & realize our own Chelle said it all ... just thread the needle, put it in the fabric, and everything else is a suggestion.

Well, Time for me to get out a WIP, start F-ing because it is MIOM : ) : )

------------- For the Non-stitchers & the Un-Kewl: FROG ..... BLOGS .... Stash Enhancing Experience .... Waiting to Finish .... Work In Progress .... Frogging .... Move it out Monday

Frog or Frogging: Rip-It, Rip-It ..... or rip out stitches & re-do ! (Hip Hopping)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shepherd's Bush Needleroll

I am not in the needleroll exchange; however, this is the last needleroll I completed. It is called Folk Heart Needleroll by Shepherd's Bush Printworks. I especially liked adding the lace to enhance the stitching bands. Finishing needlerolls, for me, takes longer than stitching them. After the exchanges are made -- I look forward to hearing some TIPS for finishing. I swear there has to be an easier way ; ) Have a stitchy week-end. PS kfc: Opinions vary on frames & scroll bars. I suggest going to your LNS, sitting down & using one of the setups. I use K's Creations scroll bars, frames, etc. If you want to see pictures: http://www.kscreations.com/
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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Sanctuary

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Kay: This is The Sanctuary - picture from the pattern - by Drawn Thread. I hope to have it finished by December 31st. Thanks for your e-mail & please consider starting a blog of your own ; )

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Notes on Genny Morrow Project

First Step is by Genny Morrow (946 Grand View Blvd.; Lancaster, PA 17601). Check with your LNS for a pattern : ) Supplies are an 8" square of #18 canvas & 12 skeins of floss (design) 2 skeins of floss for the outside border. I put my project into a box lid (Sudberry House - 100% solid oak - 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 design - whitewash) I used a satin stitch for the outside edge. This pattern comes with seven different color suggestions. I hope the colours show up better & you can see the border.

Blog Comments & Lists with a Twist

I feel special today. Someone put an ad in my comments section. yes, I'm sure everybody rushes to check them out. : ( I learned what that trash can icon is for. While I was doing that, another ad was added. And Another. Maybe I'll have to shut down comments for a few days. Sigh. Today is errand day & Mom's Taxi service day. I will be in the car more than my home. Some days are like that.....

Freebie chart chat: I finally found my Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin freebie -- called Sew & Sew. I've looked for it x 1 month & came across it yesterday.

While surfing blogs (is that correct?) I came across Jenna's Tale of a Shooting Star .... she has her projects listed by WIP, Kitted, rotation projects, etc. Honest, typed them all out into lists. I've noticed other bloggers do the same /similar thing .... make lists .... or put photos up of projects to be done in the future. I've been pondering this a couple days & might make up some sort of list/lists -- or Lists with a Twist. I'm thinking it would be good for me to list my WIPs -- and on-going stitching stuff (ie SAL, Mystery Sampler, etc) to make room for more stash ; )

Isabelle: I took a close-up of the kittens. This is a Morningstar Embroidery Group design - made with Ginnie thompson Flower thread on 28ct ivory linen. See: http://www.FlowerThread.com I think you could substitute with Danish Flower Thread (colors black, white, 503, 19, &54). I got a great tip for the faces. Lay thin cotton muslin under your linen -- use a sharp needle & stitch thru linen & cotton. The threads don't shadow on the face section. Once the stitching is complete - back stitch all around and close by whipping the backstitches shut. I put a small amount of quilt bat inside -- very small amount.

JD: My creative corner IS very small. Scroll frames are on a loop of cording -- I sort of wrap the cording around the knobs and hang it up over the nails. I'm sure yarn or ribon would work - nothing scratchy to preserve the paint on the walls! It is incentive to get-around-to-it. After reading about one stitcher who had her fabric fade in the sun, I'm rethinking this .... maybe hanging them up isn't such a good idea after all! The chest of drawers is from Hobby Lobby. Each drawer is apx 1" deep.

Carol: I did see Becky's Cube finish on her Heart-in-Hand, Wee Woolie. She does some fine finishing ; ) I'm not up to that level yet.

Cathy: Best of luck to you at the fair! Keep us 'posted' on results.

Danielle: I need to get a photo album (free one) going for my pictures. Would take too long to upload all the digital snaps here. Chelle suggested more pics, too. After the children are back in class, I'm going to look at the yahoo albums. I saw one (cannot recall which blogger had one, & it was nice. Could sent post cards of pics, etc. For free.

Karen: NOVA? You are brave. On the EGA Yahoo group, a stitcher reported finishing it after 14 years. A hiatus must be common with this project. It is spectacular once stitched.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SBQ - Stitching Blogger's Qustion

#25 - 17Aug05: How often do you wash your fabric for each project? Do you wait until the very end to wash it or do you wash it more than once? A. I rinse my fabric BEFORE I start a project. If there are folds that won't budge, I don't use the fabric. Rinse & iron after the project is stitched UNLESS done with silks. For silks, I just spray small amt of water on the back and iron.

#24 - 10Aug05: What do you do with the framed stitching that you keep? Do you hang it up & leave it in one place, never to move it? Or do you have a rotation, where you have one place for stitched pieces & switch them out according to mood or season? Maybe a mixture of both.

A: I don't frame much. Maybe have 5 stitched pieces in frames. I have a few nails into the wall near my creative corner. Two nails have scroll frames with 'someday' projects. (Scarlet Letter Ann Scutt sampler & EGA Mystery Sampler) One is being used for a cross stitch (original) design by Grammy K. The small picture is a friendship gift from my friend Aggie G. Most of my stitching are small items or household (towels, holiday accents, tabletoppers). I arrange things around my stitching area. Those I rotate by seasons - or - whim.

#23 - 3Aug05: Have you hand-dyed your own fabric? Why or why not? Would you like to try to do so?

A: Yes -- ONCE. Don't think I'll try it again. I used tea & when I folded over the linen, there was a dark line of dye in the center of the fabric -- I managed to use the linen, but will leave the linen as I get it!! The project was a challenge for our EGA chapter. I had taken blackwork motifs I liked, combinations of stitches I liked, silk colors I liked, & an often spoken saying in our household .... created a simple pillow. My girlfriend, Sue D, said I should put tassels or a cord on it. Maybe. I'm undecided. Entered the piece into the fair - blue ribbon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fair Entry Pictures & big THANK YOU

G.Morrow - first steps inserted into a box lid
Kittens - learned how to stitch faces ; )
Victoria Sampler heart & Chessie's Tree orn
Sheperd's Bush freebie, finally got it finished

I managed to get all my fair entries back to the house. Took a few pics of entries that I was asked about. No, not taking pics of everything. I'm going to put more pics into an on-line album (when the kids are back in school).

I have been running endlessly. Our youngest, Alex, sold five ads for the CATS program booklet. Took nearly the entire day yesterday. No fun reading or stitching. Just drove 78 miles here-n-there. Keep your fingers crossed other business people will call us back & he will have more ads to turn in. Alex has his heart in the right place.

I managed to place an order with House of Stitches (LaPorte Indiana) for some M.Garry Sewing Cabin patterns. They are getting harder to find. I ordered Blessed are the Peacemakers, Learning is Most Excellent, Present for Sewing Well (narrow band sampler - I already have the other one which is folded & has NeedleBook), + Spring Cookies.

AND, many thanks for all the fine comments on this blog. If I wasn't so drained of energy today, I'd respond to each & every one of you individually. Please continue to comment here or by e-mail, I love hearing from you. Especially grateful for the 'finishing' photos and tips I've unearthed on other web logs. Sharing is a good thing.

Monday, August 15, 2005

MIOM + KISS (keep it simple stupid)

This week, I am reminding myself of KISS. I get overwhelmed with the Back-to-School shuffle. 8/24 first day of class. I must remember to breathe, de-stress, & mind the household budget. Flat wallets aren't fashionable! Our 3 are registered in Middle School (8th gr), High School (Sophomore), & College (Freshman). I have several sheets of information to read, supplies & clothing to purchase. I'm freaking out. Mixed feelings about our oldest daughter heading off to college. Where did the time go? I'm such a fossil. I need to get a task list & start crossing them off one - by - one!

MIOM projects: 1) The last in my stash of Mill Hill kits - my last perforated paper kit - called Woodland Santa; Bell Ringer Santa .... 2) Sanctuary WIP (untouched last week)

Must do projects: Friendship Round Robin. Passing along the garden/friendship theme & receiving a 'games of life' project. I'm stumped about what I should add ..... need ideas fast. So far, there are monopoly cards, scrable board, checker board, dice ... hmm... Possibly a chinese checker board ... just unsure what to stitch.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I luv U Alex + Yoplait Whips!

Introducing ..... Alexander!
What an interesting morning ; ) Our son, Alex, is 13 years old -- enjoys Drama Club at school. This year, they are performing CATS in January. He has been learning tap dancing and other dance routines all Summer. Today, he received his make-up lesson. Sharing photographs .... he is a cutie kitty. I luv him. I told him he looked purr-fect & he rolled his eyes.

Alex has been stitching thru the Summer & has several finishes. He has three Mill Hill kits for me to finish (2-pins & 1-orn) -- the DMC mentor kit -- Plus, Have You Any Wool (Heart in Hand). He wants a grey cord DMC 413 with Mill Hill Sheep Button in one corner. Looks like I have some finishing in the future!

Snack-of-the-Week: Yoplait Whips! The lemon and lime are my favorites -- the kids like cherry. Got several on sale at the market. I still haven't approached my bathroom scale .... figure those numbers can wait another day ; )

Started reading Miss Read: Thrush Green ..... here is a quote: "Look at the day ahead and never backward" The characters are waiting for the fair to open ....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Done! Done! Done! + Nikki waits for me to leave

Happy Dancing X 3ish! Managed these finishes since Monday -- Encore Scissor Keep (gift for Grammy K. I think the Gingher scissors match the Far Horizons Caron Watercolour fiber I used.

Caron Keeper (times two). Freebie pattern on the Caron web site. The one w/dark blue cording is a gift. The other one made from left overs. Camp Quality book cover w/felt, buttons & various fibers. The spider web didn't show up well in the pic -- it is done with Kreinik glow-n-the-dark fiber. Used a lot of perle coton #8 & some purple tatting thread. The buttonhole stitch is not a good one for me! spacing gets off. Today I will get stitching on my Friendship project ....

Nikki curled up about two feet from my creative corner. He is just waiting for me to leave so he can bat the perle cotton balls all over the place. Nikki (my daughter's cat) aka "BRAT" is a constant pest into my floss and perle cotton. He sneaks into my room, grabs a skein of floss & chews it up .... or he paws at the perle coton balls and charges all over the house with them!

Dog in the background is Buddy .... Buddy was boarded at a kennel & never picked up by his owner. We took him in when he was about 2 yrs old. He sneaks on the bed after DH goes to work.

Monday, August 08, 2005

MIOM & Key Lime Almond Joy

MIOM! MIOM! Woot. Today is the day to move something from the WIP pile & get it DONE. Found some WIP candidates + must-do stitching this week.

ONE. Caron Keeper freebie chart x 2 fobs. (got carried away, stitched two of these). Making one for a girlfriend - birthday 8/10. She is a sweetheart & sent me 2 squishies in the mail over the Summer .... She gave me a skein of Waterlillies by Caron AND a Victoria Sampler heart kit. The other fob made with left overs from Drawn Thread...Forget-me-not Fob (freebie) .... EGA classes. Have them pinned & ready to launch the finishing .... (8/9 - still workin on!)

TWO. Project Encore. Just need to whip it shut using a long arm cross stitch. For Grammy K's birthday (Sept) So cool to be ahead of time on her gift. Still pondering a nice pair of scissors. (8/8 DONE)

THREE. (Woot! 8/9 DONE!!!) Camp Quality. Have the stash stuff OUT. Been thinking about the motifs I want to use (spider, web, broomstick) -- I'll draft on paper -- pin to the felt -- stitch thru the paper & felt. Buttonhole edge ..... yuk, that buttonhole isn't a friend of mine. My spacing gets off. Friday deadline. More info on annual volunteering at http://www.surfnetinc.com/NANI under outreach programs. Past projects were canvas & aida.

FOUR. Friendship Project - garden/friendship theme. No photos for obvious reasons! Should pass this along by Friday.

FIVE. Sanctuary SAL -- oh my; oh my .... such a neglected sampler. I've enjoyed this project, challenging stitches, lovely colors, interesting detail ... & am behind my group by a few months. Should snap a close up of the part I'm working on ....

Snack of the (last) Week: Peter Paul Almond Joy - bite size: White Chocolate Key Lime flavored coconut - almond candy. Bought a bag for my M-I-L & forgot to take them when we visited! Of course, nobody here likes them -- but ME! I hate my bathroom scale. (and I don't allow the word hate to be uttered in our home ever --- but, my scale and I have issues to resolve) Today, will watch what I eat .... back to salad & fish & chicken & h20 & lighter foods.

Friday, August 05, 2005

WIPs & Lake Co Fair

It is Friday .... time to recap the WIPs. First, thanks to Linda R from House of Stitches & DJ for suggestions on my rabbit/tree fob cord issue. Linda suggests making cording with the Sampler threads, using small cords on each side & making knots at the corners (little tassels sort-of). She also said there is a Week's Dye color similar to Black Crow. DJ suggests taking the sampler thread & knotting two strands together b/c when you make a cord, you twist + fold in half -- so, the knot in theory, will be at the END of the cord. Guess I'll decide after I shop .... still need to add the year and initials under the tree.
On the left .... I have two WIPs. The canvas project will be a scissor keeper. #14 canvas. Called Project Encore by Carmen Rupert (guild lesson). I made one using Watercolours - cantaloupe. The new one is stitched w/Far Horizons -- pinks & greens (gift). Delighted how the lining matched the fiber. See the small batch of stitching? It is what I accomplished during Thread Heads (4hrs) .... gathering of girlfriends. I had so much fun catching up on the needle chat and other good gab. The ccs project is the Caron Keeper from the Caron Web site. I'm going to make 2 -- one on 32ct Light Mocha (pictured) and the other will be on 36ct rue green -- using floss not silk.

Had a delightful time at Lake Co Fair last night. Deb L won Best-of-Best well deserved ; ) Grammy K & Sue D had loads of ribbons. WOOT! I did ok. Was beyond happy with the Acorn Sampler win. We all did the happy dance together. My Entries:

Handicrafts I / Holiday Decoration
(2nd)711. Counted Cross Stitch (CCS): Ornament - Chessie's Tree
718. Paper: Mill Hill kit - Stocking
Handicrafts II
(3rd)YARN 844. Plastic Canvas: CQ box + lid
(2nd)MISC 852. Beadword (glass): Mill Hill magnetic pin pillow
JEWELRY 857. Paper: Mill Hill Garden Bunny pin
JEWELRY 859. Bead-Glass: Amulet w/dark colors
(3rd)JEWELRY 862. Pin (lapel & brooch): Homespun Elegance - Rabbit & Bird
Needlecraft II
(1st)CCS Picture 1109. Acorn Sampler - Dawn Lewis adaptation
CCS MISC 1112. Blackwork - original stuff
(3rd)CCS Miniature Item 1114. 3 Kittens - Meg Shinell design
CCS Perforated Paper 1115. Mill Hill Bee skep
(1st)CCS Pillow 1116. Shep Bush freebie from 1990's
(1st)CCS Pulled Thread 1117. Drawn Thread freebie - heart throb fob
(1st)CCS Table cloth/runner 1118. Acorn table topper - dutch treat designs
(3rd)CCS Not Specified Above 1119. Shep Bush Folk Heart Needleroll
EMBROIDERY 1133. Asissi Heart - Victoria Sampler Kit
(3rd)NEEDLEPOINT 1148. G.Morrow First Steps - whitewash box (lid insert)

Monday, August 01, 2005

MIOM - Monday Madness

Here is the creativity corner. My favorite place in our home. I cleaned up my stitching desk. It just had to happen. Probably will be looking for my "put away stuff" all week long! Cannot believe I can see the desk top. Usually it is quite an impressive mess. For MIOM aka Monday Madness ..... came up with these:
WIP ... Ruth Sparrow pattern - Stitched over one thread (probably 40 count) w/Onyx (week's dye works). I'm thinking of a cord only -- no tassel, as the pattern photo shows. The rabbit is cool enough. Unfortunately, I don't have enough fiber for the cord, which is why I probably tossed it aside a year ago .... hmmm... will pause until I get in another shopping spree. What should I do with the back? Leave it plain? I'm thinking to put my name or initals on the back or date Or find another motif. Not sure. Did get the 'finishing' started by back stitching the outer edges of linen front/back sides -- would like to have the fob ready for those special scissors (Dovo brand) -- Monday Madness spreading thru Friday .... Guess that is why this is still a WIP. Cannot decide what to do with the back & need more fiber. Any ideas?

P.S. (update 8/4) I found a freebie pattern called Little Tree by La-D-Da. Stitched over one with week's Pecan and GAST Black Crow. Only problem now .... cannot make cord with Gentle Arts Sampler Thread. What was I thinking? Now I remember why I stopped buying GAST and Needle Nec. Those irksome pre-cut strands. Make crappy tassles and forget cording. Need a shopping spree for more Week's Onyx. See what happens when I use up stash? Still need more stuff .....
Per request, pic of Freebie -- from www.withmyneedle.com -- by Ellen Chester. Stitched Over 1 thread. Probably 32 count sandstone linen. I had this in the Porter County Fair ; ) Back stitched the sides & used bright ribbon to close the sides -- bows in the corners. Can see another photo at www.twistedthreads.com Sorry, my pic is kinda blurry. I'm new with digital snaps. Yeah, I know, where are the pins?
This is my Happy Dance Today -- MIOM. Scissor Fob finished. Forget-Me-Not, complimentary pattern from Cynthia Zittel's site, The Drawn Thread.

GOALS for August:

MIOM -- will try to get an old WIP out & finish it. So much stashed here-n-there. Need to move it out or get it to the white elephant sale next month (EGA chapter meeting)

Friendship Sampler -- Round Robin: Have a pattern selected. My friend Bernie W. asked for garden theme. She enjoys ladybugs, flowers, strawberries. I found a pattern with a basket of strawberries, a couple rabbits & hope it fills the space nicely. Should have passed this along on 8/2. Next sampler has a theme of "games" & I'm using crossword puzzle design.

Camp Quality -- model: On 8/12 will go to Frankfort, IL - to teach children dx w/cancer how to stitch. This year the project is a journal cover made out of felt. The pieces are felt -- Halloween Theme. Buttonhole edge. The children will have lots of felt pieces to choose from & some Kreinik glow-in-the-dark threads for embellishing. Need to have a model ready before then.

The Sanctuary -- SAL: I'm so far behind the entire group. If spare time is my friend, I'll try to catch up .... pass the group .... and start Random Thoughts ; ) Lofty goals for August ....


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