Sunday, August 14, 2005

I luv U Alex + Yoplait Whips!

Introducing ..... Alexander!
What an interesting morning ; ) Our son, Alex, is 13 years old -- enjoys Drama Club at school. This year, they are performing CATS in January. He has been learning tap dancing and other dance routines all Summer. Today, he received his make-up lesson. Sharing photographs .... he is a cutie kitty. I luv him. I told him he looked purr-fect & he rolled his eyes.

Alex has been stitching thru the Summer & has several finishes. He has three Mill Hill kits for me to finish (2-pins & 1-orn) -- the DMC mentor kit -- Plus, Have You Any Wool (Heart in Hand). He wants a grey cord DMC 413 with Mill Hill Sheep Button in one corner. Looks like I have some finishing in the future!

Snack-of-the-Week: Yoplait Whips! The lemon and lime are my favorites -- the kids like cherry. Got several on sale at the market. I still haven't approached my bathroom scale .... figure those numbers can wait another day ; )

Started reading Miss Read: Thrush Green ..... here is a quote: "Look at the day ahead and never backward" The characters are waiting for the fair to open ....


Kitty Couture said...

Awww... Your son looks like a perfect kitty! Congratulations on his stitching too - very impressive! I love those Mill Hill kits and the "Have Wool" is so cute.

Alex seems to be a wonderful boy! ;o)

Ashleigh said...

I like Miss Read books too! Years since I read one though and I didn't know anyone else who reads them! Enjoy :)

Congrats to Alex on the stitching. I showed my five year old the pic of Alex as a kitty and he was very impressed!

Face paint is called 'schmink' here in Holland and its quite a big deal to be 'schminked up' like that :)

Anonymous said...

Alex has been very busy! Congratulations to him on the finishes - I especially like Have you Any Wool? :)

Carol said...

What a fabulous face!!!! So cute!

Wee Woolie is wonderful! Did you see how Becky finished hers up... last week, I think? So cute!! I have this one somewhere, and you two are making me want to stitch it soon!!

BeckySC said...

Congrats, Alex...your Wee Wooly looks great! I am impressed :) I hope Mom will share the finish :)

Love your face paint. Good job there too :)

Thanks for sharing mom and Alex :)

Chelle said...

Love the face paint - how neat is that? Alex has done a wonderful job with his stitching projects. Big congrats to him!


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