Monday, August 01, 2005

MIOM - Monday Madness

Here is the creativity corner. My favorite place in our home. I cleaned up my stitching desk. It just had to happen. Probably will be looking for my "put away stuff" all week long! Cannot believe I can see the desk top. Usually it is quite an impressive mess. For MIOM aka Monday Madness ..... came up with these:
WIP ... Ruth Sparrow pattern - Stitched over one thread (probably 40 count) w/Onyx (week's dye works). I'm thinking of a cord only -- no tassel, as the pattern photo shows. The rabbit is cool enough. Unfortunately, I don't have enough fiber for the cord, which is why I probably tossed it aside a year ago .... hmmm... will pause until I get in another shopping spree. What should I do with the back? Leave it plain? I'm thinking to put my name or initals on the back or date Or find another motif. Not sure. Did get the 'finishing' started by back stitching the outer edges of linen front/back sides -- would like to have the fob ready for those special scissors (Dovo brand) -- Monday Madness spreading thru Friday .... Guess that is why this is still a WIP. Cannot decide what to do with the back & need more fiber. Any ideas?

P.S. (update 8/4) I found a freebie pattern called Little Tree by La-D-Da. Stitched over one with week's Pecan and GAST Black Crow. Only problem now .... cannot make cord with Gentle Arts Sampler Thread. What was I thinking? Now I remember why I stopped buying GAST and Needle Nec. Those irksome pre-cut strands. Make crappy tassles and forget cording. Need a shopping spree for more Week's Onyx. See what happens when I use up stash? Still need more stuff .....
Per request, pic of Freebie -- from -- by Ellen Chester. Stitched Over 1 thread. Probably 32 count sandstone linen. I had this in the Porter County Fair ; ) Back stitched the sides & used bright ribbon to close the sides -- bows in the corners. Can see another photo at Sorry, my pic is kinda blurry. I'm new with digital snaps. Yeah, I know, where are the pins?
This is my Happy Dance Today -- MIOM. Scissor Fob finished. Forget-Me-Not, complimentary pattern from Cynthia Zittel's site, The Drawn Thread.

GOALS for August:

MIOM -- will try to get an old WIP out & finish it. So much stashed here-n-there. Need to move it out or get it to the white elephant sale next month (EGA chapter meeting)

Friendship Sampler -- Round Robin: Have a pattern selected. My friend Bernie W. asked for garden theme. She enjoys ladybugs, flowers, strawberries. I found a pattern with a basket of strawberries, a couple rabbits & hope it fills the space nicely. Should have passed this along on 8/2. Next sampler has a theme of "games" & I'm using crossword puzzle design.

Camp Quality -- model: On 8/12 will go to Frankfort, IL - to teach children dx w/cancer how to stitch. This year the project is a journal cover made out of felt. The pieces are felt -- Halloween Theme. Buttonhole edge. The children will have lots of felt pieces to choose from & some Kreinik glow-in-the-dark threads for embellishing. Need to have a model ready before then.

The Sanctuary -- SAL: I'm so far behind the entire group. If spare time is my friend, I'll try to catch up .... pass the group .... and start Random Thoughts ; ) Lofty goals for August ....


Danielle said...

Wow--everything looks great! I love your little creativity corner. All your finishes are lovely--you are a very skilled finisher!!

Lelia said...

Thanks Danielle. I try to be patient with 'finishing' & get a pleasing accent for the project.

Chelle said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Your finishes are awesome. Love that tassel on the DT scissor fob - so pretty! Thanks for joining me on MIOM - it is nice to have company! :o) I noticed your DMC Mentor pin...I have one of those too but so far no mentees. I'll have to work on that!


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