Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nearly there with NB's (MIOM-WIPs)

I had not planned an entry today; however, Alex & I were out taking pics of spiders, bees, and wiggly stuff. Learned in a hurry about that button on the digital for close-ups ; ) Pics were for his school journal.

Did I mention there are composition books at Staples (office supply store) with GRAPH paper inside? They are around 70 cents each. Engineering students will have to step aside once stitchers find them. The books I own - with graph paper - come from the bookstore (made in Spain) and don't lay flat. These inexpensive composition books are GREAT.

My Milkpaint (M.Garry). Love the design. I think this needs to be on darker linen. The colors didn't show up as much as I like. I frogged out some & changed colors a bit (this past week). Will put the final border on later tonight. Undecided about the inside. May have to set it aside while deciding what to do.
Image hosted by

This NB is most likely my oldest WIP. I have a small amount of stitches .... before adding a felt insert. This is going to be a simple NB for my sewing basket. I don't know the designer or pattern name --- really, an old WIP!
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BeckySC said...

I love the NB. I am glad you have pulled it out to work on and finish :)It will make a wonderful addition to your sewing basket-no matter the age :) :)

Thanks for sharing and congrats on that sidebar :) :) :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Chelle said...

Your M. Garry is looking good and I love the little needlebook! The hearts are too cute.

mainely stitching said...

I really like the subdued colors of the Garry piece - it's the look that I think of when I think of milkpaints. It's lovely.


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