Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Rose

Black Rose
c.2000 Mill Hill
Jeweled Bar Pin Series II

OK, so I changed the fringe a bit. Other than that, followed this complicated
(I struggled with this one)
pattern using flat peyote stitch.
The beading thread was black & it was a challenge at times.

This was one of the kits rescued from the sale bin at Hobby Lobby
Remember those? When you pick it up, check the price & your brain says "the beads themselves are worth more than that" & the kit hops into your basket

I was cussing this pin until I had 1/2 the fringe on ...
esp when I realized I was one bead SHORT & had to go thru every bead in my wardrobe to find another one
Then, I started to like it : )

Once again, this is a deadline project. Planning to enter this pin into
the Lake County Fair this week-end.
Realized I messed up my entry form & instead of putting in a beaded entry & pin entry ... I only put in a pin entry.
My mind was lost that day.

Deadlines, for me, are frustrating. (One reason I don't participate in exchanges) When I am creating something without a deadline, I can walk away & come back to it. With a deadline, I just keep at it until I get the thing DONE.

The fairs are good because I get out my loot of WIPs and talk myself into bossing them into something FINISHED. Otherwise, I think everything I have would still be in some sort of incomplete state:
not enough floss
need to fix an error
need to change a fiber or six
stitched & WTF**
need a bead
too lazy to look for the charm
what was I thinking
needs a button
go thru stash to find a substitute
put aside for a deadline piece

**WTF: Waiting to Finish .... yeah, I know what you thought ....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweetheart Rose Maker by Clover Mfg

At the request of Cyn:

"Please, please, please, show us how to use the rose maker. I haven't seen that yet and I thought I had seen all of the clover gadgets. LOL!"

I went on-line & found this video on the Clover Web Site.

Seems they have video programs for yo-yo makers, bow makers, pom makers, and puff quilt things.

If the download isn't working on your screen, go directly to:
Clover Web Site and see all the latest fun toys & videos on how to use them.

I purchased my Rose Maker at Erica's in South Bend

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Santa's Stash (edit)

Santa's Stash
Lynda Watkins
c.2003 Full Circle Designs
design size 34H x 57W

This pattern is in the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments magazine

I used suggested DMC floss, Mill Hill 40479 beads; other supplies from my stash: 3 small green buttons, unknown linen, beads for outside edge

EDITED --- Thx for the laugh this morning ... Judy S, you crack me up & I must share your comment:

"So cute, Lelia, but kinda scary to think that Santa has a stash, too. Maybe it's Mrs. Santa's doing?"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yo-Yo Makers

It started with a fall & torn jeans:

I pulled out a few yo-yo makers & a pair of jeans (ratty ones that Alex grew out of).

First lesson learned ... they aren't kidding when they say to use strong thread. I tried the large flower & the thread broke when I pulled it to close the yo-yo. I tried the small flower -- did not cover the tear. I'm thinking yo-yo's weren't meant to be made out of denim -- would be easier to use cotton. Tried the large heart & doubled my quilting thread --- it turned out ok, added an old white button for the center & think my old jeans are good to go for another couple years (first picture).

If you are interested in obtaining these yo-yo makers, I find them at quilt shops, craft places (ie Michael's), and JoAnn Fabric stores. This is what the Clover packages look like:I am guessing I have one of every shape and size. And, until today, they were all in the packages. Where does all my free time go?

I even have this rose maker:Which is still in the package!!!! I will get that out one of these days & try it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Violet Square
c 1986 Needle Maid Designs, Inc.

Yes, I've had this kit in my stash a long time. I finally finished the cross stitched center (violet) and the border of pulled thread (four sided stitches)

It made with DMC floss, one yellow bead (from my stash)
on 30-count creme linen
I used Garnet Iris seed beads around the outer edge

I have a couple more of these kits in my stash --- I don't want to have them another 10 years!!!
One kit has blue floral motif in center -- the other a beautiful rose in the center. Both have the same pulled thread border

Close up of beaded edges for these two NAY** projects
AND, those needles are great with beads -- no beads got stuck on the eye of the tapestry needle. WOOT!

Tiny Sampler
La-D-Da Freebie

I used perle coton #5: 932 lt blue, 801 brown, 3045 gold, 3687 pink, 3052 green, 930 blue on 18-ct Shaker Linen. Because of the linen count, this pillow ended up being 8" x 8"
I used this pattern to demonstrate counted cross stitch at the Lake County Fair -- maybe 2 years ago? I pulled it out of the closet & found some gold beads to use around the outside edge. Now I like it!

**NAY: Not Another Year

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stash Sale in LaPorte, Indiana

The annual Stash Sale
has been changed

to August 29th

7AM to 3PM
at the LaPorte County Fairgrounds

For specific details and a registration form for setting up your own booth,
visit or contact
House of Stitches
by e-mail: mail(at)house of stitches(dot)com
or by phone at 800.455.8517

This is what I do know from Linda R, Owner, of House of Stiches:

" .... let you know that we are moving the stash exchange to August 29. It will be at the LaPorte County Fairgrounds in conjunction with our radio station's BIG garage sale.

We can have 10' x 10' booths INSIDE for $25.00 each. Our Stash Exchange booths will be all together in one area and we will have mega traffic.

Concessions and restrooms are also available. It is from 7 AM-3 PM.

People can set up on Friday (7 AM-7 PM) or Saturday morning between 5:30 and 7:00.

I hate to change things but our back parking lot is not available to us .... I think this is our best alternative without cancelling it!"


The LaPorte County Fair is being held July 19-25.

Their web site Link Here has all the details (including map / directions to fairgrounds).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Punch Embroidery Class

My first completed punch project
I used a piece of felt for the back & then added a cord with Weeks Dye Works Pea Coat & DMC 310

I took a punch needle class with Linda Rinkel at House of Stitches in LaPorte, Indiana
The class was for a punch needle pin and I decided to create a fob with the design.

I learned a lot! Linda discussed tracing designs on weaver's cloth, how to set up the project in a hoop, keeping cloth tight, thread the needle punch, create loops of different lengths (makes the image interesting), echo technique, overpunching, and starting/stopping the fibers.

The class kit was complete with a 3-strand Russian Punch needle, Week's Dye Works fibers (Pea Coat x 2, Peach Fuzz, Artichoke), design already printed on the weaver's cloth, needle threaders, felt backing, a pin back, sewing needle, and Susan Bates 5" hoop.

And, this is the next one I am hoping to complete (just need the fibers):

Garden Rabbit, c.2006
Designed by Diane Williams, Little House Needleworks

Friday, July 03, 2009


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