Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Rose

Black Rose
c.2000 Mill Hill
Jeweled Bar Pin Series II

OK, so I changed the fringe a bit. Other than that, followed this complicated
(I struggled with this one)
pattern using flat peyote stitch.
The beading thread was black & it was a challenge at times.

This was one of the kits rescued from the sale bin at Hobby Lobby
Remember those? When you pick it up, check the price & your brain says "the beads themselves are worth more than that" & the kit hops into your basket

I was cussing this pin until I had 1/2 the fringe on ...
esp when I realized I was one bead SHORT & had to go thru every bead in my wardrobe to find another one
Then, I started to like it : )

Once again, this is a deadline project. Planning to enter this pin into
the Lake County Fair this week-end.
Realized I messed up my entry form & instead of putting in a beaded entry & pin entry ... I only put in a pin entry.
My mind was lost that day.

Deadlines, for me, are frustrating. (One reason I don't participate in exchanges) When I am creating something without a deadline, I can walk away & come back to it. With a deadline, I just keep at it until I get the thing DONE.

The fairs are good because I get out my loot of WIPs and talk myself into bossing them into something FINISHED. Otherwise, I think everything I have would still be in some sort of incomplete state:
not enough floss
need to fix an error
need to change a fiber or six
stitched & WTF**
need a bead
too lazy to look for the charm
what was I thinking
needs a button
go thru stash to find a substitute
put aside for a deadline piece

**WTF: Waiting to Finish .... yeah, I know what you thought ....


Anonymous said...

That is so stunning - well done! Good luck at the fair!

LivnLaf said...

Loving the pin! Nice job and good luck on your entry. Love your list of reasons and I didn't realize WTF meant anything else besides "waiting to finish"!!! :-)

Rachel V said...

Lovely work!! Way to branch out from x-stitch!

Anna van Schurman said...

Very pretty.

Kim B said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on getting through it!

Deb said...

WTF - yeah, my son turned me on to that phrase and that's what I thought you meant! LOL I absolutely love that pin. What a fantastic find in the sale bin! I hope that you win a ribbon for this. It is stunning!!

tkdquintmom said...

ROTF...with the WTF comment....yeah, your right...I did think it...LOL!!! It is stunning and you get a blue ribbon in my book.

Siobhán said...

Oh wow, that is gorgeous!! Beautiful work.

Unknown said...

That is just so beautiful! Good luck!

Cyn said...

Hi Lelia,

Very pretty pin and I'm glad you were able to find an extra bead! I think I might have this in my stash as I walk off muttering that I need to get back to organizing my stash!

I love the list of reasons as I've used all of them! Though eventually I usually do finish stitching the project. I'm not as quick on finishing it into something. LOL!!! That's one of my informal goals this year. To actually finish, finish more projects. :-)

Good luck on the fair entries!

Windy Meadow

Cindy said...

Absolutely beautiful! Best of luck in the fair :)


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