Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reopening of Textile Exhibit

I was excited to read the

Fabric of a New Nation:  American Needlework + Textiles, 1776-1840

Reopening after a brief closure.  

Member Magazine says July 12 thru Mid-November
Galleries 57-59

"This exhibition explores the evolution of an American textile tradition through over
45 bedcovers, coverlets, needlework, printed handkerchiefs, + other household textiles."

It is not on the AIC web site - so here is the

I took some photos when i visited ---
link to pictures HERE; however, if you have the chance,
this is a nice exhibit to view!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Battery Ott Lights

Thank you everybody for your comments, e-mails, and 
personal experience with battery operated OTT lights.

Now, I'm looking at this model.
Ott Model #290089.
It is light weight.

When it is closed - it is about 8" high + the base
(says on package) is 2 1/2 inches.

It uses Double A batteries (Four AA Batteries) 
Compatible with a 6V adapter (not in the package w/light).

Right now, they are 40% off at Michael's 
+ that would be about $29.00.

I am guessing that four AA batteries would last
longer than three AAA batteries --- but, I'm not sure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sometimes when you travel, it is fun to visit 
stores - with all sorts of stuff you didn't know you

I purchased this clear, vinyl bag at
The Black Sheep in Florida - they have a whole room of yarn + patterns,
loads of canvas and fibers.
With the sudden downpours of rain in Florida, this is perfect for keeping
my book + 'stuff' dry.

See the cute kitty face?   When the ear is pulled, the tape measure comes out.    I thought it was too cute.   It was from Needle Craft World.      And, if you visit, don't forget to pet the sweet scottie dog,
Duncan.   (new magnet)

As for needlework .... 
I have added some of the border - it is a pretty sampler.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

ott lights .... battery

This Ott Light ... takes THREE AAA batteries,
and I cannot help wonder if there is an adaptor --- to plug in
if necessary.   Or, would i need spare THREE AAA batteries?
J+R $24.99)

This Ott light .... product deails say:  
 "The rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hours of battery use 
or use with the included AC adaptor. "
$49.99 (50% off)

Decisions, decisions -- or, just stitch with my flip light and clip onto something.  

As for the Mini Basket --
I've got the big flower pot done + started the
over-one border.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ann Scutt Sampler

Above is my Ann Scutt WIP.
Someday, I may finish it.

I noticed Scarlett Letter has this
available for purchase (chart, kit).

It is a pretty sampler.   Check it out.

Monday, June 04, 2012

thx Jo : )

Jo, blogging at 
drew my name for her

Such a pretty design, lovely colors.  
Thank you Jo !

I received her envelope today.    
 Jo sent a beautifully stitched cushion, 
wonderful note + 
enclosed a candy bunny, too!

Lovely colors Jo!!!  

Jo has a fabulous blog - head over there when
you get the chance!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

flower pot

I had the flower pot stitched + it didn't look like the photograph on the pattern.
I checked the diagram + compared to the
picture on the instructions ...

And, still - what I HAD, didn't look right.   Decisions - decisions.
Does it bother me enough to re-stitch, or just leave it.

For one thing, the compensating stitches in the photo look like
light blue outside + dark blue inside. 

Also, the basket had more queen stitches along each row in the photo -
which made the basket look even.  Mine looked wonky.   
And, in the end, it just didn't look like the picture, and it is supposed to be a reproduction, and
so I 

went on the EGA Web site - found a digital picture
and re-charted the flower pot portion of the chart.  

Which meant, ripping out - - adding more queen stitches on the right side of the flower pot. 
 More  queen stitches.

Now I like it, and it looks like the photograph.

Next, the compensating stitches.... 


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