Thursday, September 06, 2018

Knitting progress + treasures

 Lucky, lucky me!!!   The winner of Wendy's giveaway!  The pearl bracelet fits purr-fectly --- Each time I've worn it, I've received compliments!

Vintage finds while shopping with my sister.      Spool knitters are my weakness.   I think they are fun to own.   And fun to find in vintage stores.   
The vintage sewing ruler.   The older ruler is already in use!

My sister came for a visit (in August) and she brought her vintage beaded necklaces with her!   This is one I chose, from quite an assortment!  A turtle, hearts and crystals!   She enjoys going out to 2nd hand stores and picking up vintage necklaces.  The washes the beads + findings, then puts them back together with a creative twist!

 I've had this kit (from Stitches Midwest) and decided I should finish it!   I think I'm 75-80% done.   The lace knitting slows me down - the results are beautiful!  Angela's Dream Scarf by Jeanette Estee Famulari

This was a class - taken at the Local Knitting Store.
I started my 2nd Mosaic knitted bag.   The first one I knitted came out so nice -- and I had extra yarn for a 2nd one.   Colors will be similar.   Pattern is Mosaic Bag by Cindy Walker.   Yarn I am using is Erika Knight British Blue Wool.   

The last two knitting classes I've taken, at the local knitting store, were taught by Laura Ricketts.  The subject:  Twined Knitting.   
   Such a treat to have Laura's twined knitted pieces in hand.  It is a beautiful technique.   Awesome color and texture.  We learned to use z-spun yarn and create braids and the crook stitch. 
  Maybe one day I'll have cuffs --- I am so glad I know this technique.   I doubt I could have figured it out by videos and tutorials on line!!!   Laura also brought a couple books for us to look thru -- this one caught my eye + I was able to find it on line.   Out of print, and not very expensive. 

The "F" word --- yes, finished.   Woolenberry's Hearald wrap.  
This one took awhile.   I would do a few rows, set it aside.  Knit a few rows, set it aside.  The store in Bloomington, Indiana closed - I'm not sure where to find more of this yarn.   It is a dream to knit with.

 I've continued the lace edge from Piecework Magazine.   it is called Lace No. 10 -- from Mary Elizabeth's 1935 book.   I submitted a photo & it was published in the April issue!  
  Imagine that!     

Our DD's kitty enjoys the KnitPicks bag from
Stitches Midwest.   This cat cannot ignore a tote!

 These stitch markers were a 'win' from the Stitches Midwest Scavenger Hunt.   I enjoy going + seeing all the new patterns and yarns.  And toys!!!   It is great to find a bargain here-n-there.   

 This past Spring, I made a few dish dresses for girlfriends.   A fun addition to most kitchens during spring cleaning!    

 I may give up on cup cozy -- not sure I'm crazy about the final knitted results.


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