Thursday, February 26, 2015


   I like this wool yarn.   I have been practicing the double moss knitting stitch.    

Photo above is lesson two - knitting- ribbing, adding stripes of color and double moss.  DD has a nice looking sample, too.     Practice practice practice.

Photo below - first knitting lesson.  
Wobbly and uneven and twisted - gotta start someplace1

Thursday, February 19, 2015

knitting lesson one, pin loom

After spending a day at the AIC last week, got together with GFs and made a couple squares on my pin loom - zoom loom.  Weaving a perfect thing to do at the end of the day!  Found the pretty pastel yarn fun to weave.

Look at this little Hallmark dish.   Marjolein Bastin products are so pretty.   My MIL was cleaning out a closet and thought I might like it and find use for it.    It actually holds a ball of crochet cotton well.  Guessing it is for rings and bracelets - but, kind of pretty on the desk with all my crafty items out.

Interesting to pick up knitting needles and fumbling with them to create the stitches.   DD & I have signed up for lessons.   Our instructor, Heidi, said she has been knitting since age 8 - and the sweater she wore was awesome!!!!    Gave it a good try.
After a couple hours, they seemed more comfortable in hand - tension pretty awful and there are those twisted stitches.   

We have some homework to complete before the next lesson.   DD had pink yarn and had a nice sample tonight,    and,     really -- is it cold enough???   Could use a break from winter right about now.


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