Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I have new bags!

Is this the prettiest pair of snap bags?   I was fortunate to win them at Indiana Lace Day (Saturday 4/11).    Delighted the weather cooperated.   Aside from a cheerful greeting from Sally, these were  gifts to attendees on entering:

I bought some charming bobbins for my knitting.   (from Vendor at Lace Day)
3/pkg -- now I won't be knitting the new scarf with a cast on tail.    I have a practice piece & continue to knit a few rows to catch on to the pattern.    I have 2 skeins of yarn, match the hat [pictured below].  Do you think they will be completed before Winter???

I've used almost a skein of yarn on the maroon color scarf - seed stitch.   I planned to use 2 skeins and some kind of simple fringe on the ends.   

btw, if you get the chance .... check out the Ireland exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago (thru June 7th).   A GF + I went 3/17 and enjoyed the displays.   On way out, bought some yarn - pretty +  expensive souvenier!!!
 Oh well ... I just need to find a pattern to make something out of it.

The knitted finishes over the past month - yes, the "F" word ... are a hat & dishcloth [MIL gift].

I found this book at JoAnn Fabrics - looks like fun:
I also bought a pattern of Debbie Trainor on-line.  She has a lot of patterns available on line.   Link HERE.    Too cute.
  I would enjoy having this on my dish soap in the kitchen.

Monday, March 16, 2015


My sister sent these lovely books to me.  And I set them near my desk - keeping them close to pick up and read a few more pages ... guess who thought they were perfect stools?  Yep, Mr Katt.    I had the window open and he decided the books made perfect chair for peering out.   What a hoot.   (this time he didn't topple over DD's bear).
 Meanwhile, while Jasper (above) and Honey (below) were sitting near the other windows, they fell sound asleep once the sun set.  What a lovely day - nice to see sunshine and keep fingers crossed for Spring.

Wondering how the class is going?

Knitting for beginners:  Feather and Fan Lace
  Increase, decrease, slip, yarn over, make one:
Knitting for beginners:  a simple cable

I never imagined being able to get consistent rows!  
After some practice ... it is easier.

This is some fantastic yarn I purchased in Philadelphia at Rosie's Yarn Cellar.
 O -- O-Wool facebook --or-- web site
 there is a lovely scarf pattern on their blog.

This is the next knitting lesson:  
 creating a hat on circular needle and double pointed needles.    Followed by a scarf with cable, open areas, and a little bit of everything we have learned!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


   I like this wool yarn.   I have been practicing the double moss knitting stitch.    

Photo above is lesson two - knitting- ribbing, adding stripes of color and double moss.  DD has a nice looking sample, too.     Practice practice practice.

Photo below - first knitting lesson.  
Wobbly and uneven and twisted - gotta start someplace1

Thursday, February 19, 2015

knitting lesson one, pin loom

After spending a day at the AIC last week, got together with GFs and made a couple squares on my pin loom - zoom loom.  Weaving a perfect thing to do at the end of the day!  Found the pretty pastel yarn fun to weave.

Look at this little Hallmark dish.   Marjolein Bastin products are so pretty.   My MIL was cleaning out a closet and thought I might like it and find use for it.    It actually holds a ball of crochet cotton well.  Guessing it is for rings and bracelets - but, kind of pretty on the desk with all my crafty items out.

Interesting to pick up knitting needles and fumbling with them to create the stitches.   DD & I have signed up for lessons.   Our instructor, Heidi, said she has been knitting since age 8 - and the sweater she wore was awesome!!!!    Gave it a good try.
After a couple hours, they seemed more comfortable in hand - tension pretty awful and there are those twisted stitches.   

We have some homework to complete before the next lesson.   DD had pink yarn and had a nice sample tonight,    and,     really -- is it cold enough???   Could use a break from winter right about now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beautiful craft books

I have been delighted with recent publications.  First, Crochet w/Beads - which includes a DVD - is by GF Candice Sexton.  How much fun!

This book, Floral Blocks to Crochet was a giveaway via Goodreads by SMP Craft.   
 Look at the fun blocks!    oodles of ideas - colors, shapes.    Fun crochet.   I find their web site and facebook page full of ideas!

This lovely book, from the Japanese Book store combines crochet AND tatting ....

and, this publication embellishes dolls +doll clothing.   this volume with tatting, needlework, etc.   Such a fun publication.

inspiration for a winter night.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Autumn Row

OK - a finish.
Bent Creek:  Autumn Row
Book #BC1078

c. 2000 Bent Creek
Designed by Marsha Worley & Elizabeth Newlin
32 ct Amber Linen
275 x 24

Fibers I used:  GAST Burnt Orange, WDW Lancaster Red, WDW Schneckley, WDW Chestnut, GAST Nutmeg, WDW Onyx

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blog Hop Around the World

Gracie, blogging at Needles, Pins, and Dragonfliesinvited me to join the 

Blog Hop Around the World

Grace has a fabulous blog.  She usually has oodles of projects in the works, participates  in swaps, round robins, + exchanges.   Her tatting is beautiful!    Take a peek and enjoy her needlework, tatting, sewing, and beautiful garden/nature photos.     Btw - chocolate.   Grace enjoys chocolate, tea (after morning coffee), and collects thimbles.    

To continue the global hop -- don't miss these great sites:

CathyB blogging at With Needle + Thread.
Cathy has spectacular hardanger + needlework projects on her blog, many from special workshops and events.  Her stitching and finishing are marvelous.   In addition to Cathy's projects, i enjoy the special posts about Hovej Embroidery and about her Mom (who tats)!   Enjoy traveling along with Cathy and enjoy her special blog.

Barbara, blogging at Mainley Stitching.
Barbara has a wonderful blog with animals, creative needlework & projects PLUS the family 'chateau chaos' activities.   In addition to Cathy's blog [above],  this is one of the first few blogs I ever read!   In addition to needlework, I've always enjoyed the animal and garden photographs.  Following Barbara's writing/posts is always a pleasure - never know what she will showcase in her near-daily posts.

1. What am I working on?

currently in my needlework tote:

Stitching workshop piece - Old Saybrooke Sampler

Bent Creek - Autumn Row
C Street Samplerworks -  Mary Hannah Gipson Sampler
Biscornu SAL 
Scarlet Letter (Year w/Scarlet  Letter)
Homespun elegance pieces  

In my tatting bag:

a couple workshop pieces from Lace Day[s]
Mini-tats book
Japanese tatting kit + couple patterns
Half-embellished origami bag with tatting motifs and edges.

Also enjoy my small pin loom (weaving), sewing - esp origami bags, fabric flower making/embellishing w tatting, sketching / drawing, punch needle   [other things in the works, too]

2. How does my work differ from others?

Most people actually finish!   i tend to enjoy the journey.   

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I have no idea.   I just start itching to be creative and I find projects speak louder than words.   It is fun to follow a pattern-make small changes so it remains unique.   Or, a bit more challenging - to have an idea and follow thru to a 'finish'... or, you know - buy a pattern because it inspires you!!!

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

  For many years, i have had problems sleeping.   And, when I settle down and focus on an in-hand project, I can relax, rest, and it has a restorative effect.    

Friday, October 17, 2014

Interwoven Expressions Exhibit

and sale!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014
9a.m. - 5 p.m.
Admission + Parking are FREE

Sand Creek Country Club
1001 Sand Creek Drive
Chesterton, IN 46304

Link HERE to FB page

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Pumpkin added to Autumn Row by Bent Creek. Not much time for needlework these days.

Some progress on Mary Hannah Gipson [sampler researched and charted by Ruth Ann Russell]
SAN-Q Magazine, Winter 2010.   

Homespun Elegance:   Yes, I did finish the tatting + added it to the roll-up.   So far, the tatting has held up well as I seem to use the roll-up often.   The red thread was found at an Antique Mall in Carmel, Indiana.   It seemed so interesting to find thread wound on paper/cardboard.   

And, here is the Homespun Elegance pattern [front]:


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