Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Randoms .... sewing

These are a few pillows I made for Tori's chinchillas.   I also made some pads for their condo.  Probably 9-10 pads.   A challenge!!!

This is a quilt which I saw on display at the Honeywell Center.

Six origami bags for the IOLI Convention raffle table.  I took them down to Lafayette in May.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Randoms .... crochet

 This is my take away from the Irish Crochet Motifs class
held at Sheep's Clothing.
With the multiple mistakes and empty flower center,
I put my pin inside!

The class was instructed by Laura Ricketts (Laura Ricketts Designs).     I remember the Jul/Aug 2014 PieceWork magazine cover with Irish Crochet cuffs.  Laura based this class/pattern on her article (photo from magazine).

My Class piece -- I didn't get to the leaf, or rose center.   The facebook page has more photos.  
Link here.    Laura Ricketts brought some of her projects with her & it was fun to have them in hand.  I noticed she has several classes listed on her web site.

 It is wonderful to have practice pieces for crochet stitches; however, it was great to put the stitches learned from crochet class into motion,   and, i have a good start on flowers!!!

Randoms ... knitting

 Two lace trim practice pieces.   Left from Workbasket (Feb 1956) DMC Cebelia size 30.  Right from Piecework magazine, with corrected pattern on web site and ravelry.    size 0 needle, HDT by Yarnplayer, 50/50 wool/silk, color Peace.
 Laura Ricketts, (Laura Ricketts Designs), based this trim (from article Nov/Dec 2014 Piecework issue) on the needle lace found in vault of Lengberg castle, Austria.
 This is on size 3 needles; Red Heart yarn, Heart&Sole.

 GF Beth's knitted swiffer cover (+sponge).   I used the ladder stitch, based on pattern, Zoom, Erica Brembos.  hint: measure the swiffer before knitting!

Dressing for Spring by Debbie Trainor

These are two knit dresses for dishsoap bottles.   I used Sugar'n Creme cotton yarns.  
The patterns are all by Debbie Trainor.  

... and, continue with lace scarf.


Angela's Dream Scarf

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I admit, I don't have crochet skills (beyond basics).   GF, Denise, made this beautiful blue doily for an Easter Hello Kitty toy (gift).

 And, she made this lovely hummingbird - which is currently on my wall.  (other snowflakes are packed away in the cedar chest)  I wish she had a blog, FB page, or photo album ... she tats, she knits, and she crochets beautiful pieces!   When I open up her e-mails, I'm gobsmacked by her current projects - either in the works, or finished.   Beautiful, delicate pieces.

Recently, while doing some sorting, spring cleaning, I pulled out a few doilies that I have (given to me).
 Above - looks so much like the one photographed on the cover of this magazine (notice how crochet magazines have tatting, too?)

 Here are a few photos of the pineapple / patterened ones I have:

... and others, with thicker fiber:

Do you enjoy vintage patterns, magazines?  I think they are charming ...

If you are in the "doily free zone" ... this post is not for you!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016


The Eyelet Mock Cable Stitch - used Size 8 needles, Yarn Bee - oriental blue - Hint of Silk.   practice yarn.  85% bamboo + 15% silk.    Pattern link - HERE.   New Stitch a Day.

the back side / view

 My GF gave me oodles of vintage Workbasket magazines.  This is Vol. 21, No. 5, February 1956.    The pattern I tried called Rose and Shell edge, p.34-35.

 used size 7 needles with some practice yarn (mistakes and all) ...
 This is smaller, used size 4 needles.   Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight
 this the the photo - maybe I need more repeats.

The Ostrich Plume Stitch - pattern link HERE.
New Stitch a Day.

Monday, March 14, 2016

... knitting (wip) update

measures 17.5" --  Yarn:  Lydia Delight, color Radiant Orchid.
Pattern:   Angela's Dream Scarf by Jeanette Estee Famulari

Swiffer Duster Cover - using pattern:   Zoom by Erica Brembos
AND, the Little Ladder Stitch - Link HERE.
Yarn:  Sugar'n Cream Scents - Aloe Vera.

Needs a bit of 'finishing' ... blocking, sewing in the ends.  Yarn:  Sugar'n Cream, color Red Bud.
Pattern:  Wedding Day Dishcloth Dress by Debbie Trainor.


And don't forget about March 15th:
at Dairy Queen ....

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


The main reason for the knitting patterns / stitches, was to do this dishcloth.   It is Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn - Red Bud (color), size 8 needles.    The dishcloth pattern is free on the Yarnspirations site.   Or, Ravelry - link here.

The Basketweave Stitch - needle size 7.  
This is a sweet stitch, quick to knit w/purl + knit sts.   from New Stitch a Day - facebook page.   Link here.   

awful yarn - size 9 needles.   This is The Openwork Stitch -- described  "lace pattern that creates a lattice-like mesh ....... makes great market bags and wraps".     I would have to try a different yarn to get a better idea.     This is from New Stitch a Day, Facebook page --- link here.      

Saturday, February 27, 2016


The Slipped Double Chain Cable.
Used acrylic yarn and size 9 knitting needles + cable needle.
Pattern, instructions (etc) found on New Stitch a Day facebook page.   Link Here.

The Little Ladder Stitch.
Used size 3 needles w/sock yarn.
from New Stitch a Day facebook page - link HERE


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