Saturday, February 06, 2016

Super Saturday ..

Two finishes ... The Beginner Scarf from knitting class and second hat.

Pulled out the sock set ... have the cuff going on one.   Visited the local yarn store as I lost my place in the pattern for the 2nd sock.   Also, got a quick tutorial on the sock bind off.   Hope the "pair" will be done before spring.   The knitting on small needles takes awhile!

Simon playing inside a grocery bag
 ... and, Jasper looking innocent ... as he took the cloth off the foot rest ....
looking innocent.

Friday, January 29, 2016


 So, here is the hat in the works.   On new needles.

... and the scarf, I cannot determine if it is the right length!   So, will maybe end it and fringe ... or knit a few more rows/repeats.

 I visited Carmel & Indianapolis the past couple days.   Wonderful exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on Gustave Baumann --- If you aren't familiar, here is an article from publication in Orlando (2012).   Or, check out the link at the IMA - here.

I did quickly visit the Asian galleries to see my two fav pieces on display:

... home again ....

Sunday, January 17, 2016

December - to - now

Yes, I really did have a finish.   I finished knitting my maroon scarf.   Seed Stitch in December.   

I'm pretty close to finishing the blue/grey scarf, too.
I have added the fringe on one end.   have the fringe cut for the final end - so, am just knitting the 8 row repeat until the yarn is used up.   Probably 6 more inches.   

On to wanderlust ... 

... in December, DH + I visited Florida for a few days.   North Miami to visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery, link here.   

... and the Japanese garden in
Delray Beach, FL.   Link here.

... and Kissimmee, FL ...

Back at Home - view from window:

(camera went into hiding for a few weeks)

Was back at the AIC during snow flurries - enjoyed the new contemporary / modern exhibit, the  bronze lace bowl on the terrace, and of course "the bean" in Millennium Park.

Meanwhile, Mom was visiting family in Missouri -- so, I drove & picked her up.   Stopped at the St. Louis Art Museum, too.

... home again.   No trips planned for awhile.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

November ....

As I was knitting for holiday gifts -- I didn't put much on the humble blog.   I made dishcloths and purchased spa socks, eos, soap to create a spa pks for family members.   Plus, made small bags.  [photos below].   

DH, DD, & I made a quick trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art, for the Painting the Modern Garden exhibit.  Same exhibit opens in London at the end of January.   Inf here.    As we were a few hours away from Niagara Falls -- we drove there, too.   

  This is a photo of the glass dome ceiling located in downtown Heinen store.   link here.  

Friday, November 06, 2015

Misc knitting + wanderlust ...

It is fun for me to see how these two balls of yarn ..

 Starting from the 'toe'

 ... are starting to look like socks?   Still have a few more classes to go ....

I had an e-mail from friend who said she missed my day trip photos - I forget to post on the blog - so much quicker to do on Facebook.   So ... here is yesterday's day trip into Chicago:

 I visited the Driehaus Museum for the Maker and Muse exhibit -- it is located at 40 E Erie St, Chicago, IL.   The next exhibit will be Downton Abbey costumes.

 Stopped in to Macy's on State Street - the tree will light on Saturday.   The ceiling is spectacular with the stars hanging.   And, enjoyed seeing the Tiffany mosaics on the 5th floor ceiling.   More about the ceiling on this link:

 The glass window is in the Pedestrian Way - basement of Macy's [walk thru the candy department to the Ped Way].

As the weather, yesterday, was so nice, I walked to the Marquette Building to see more mosaic - by Tiffany.   The Marquette Building is at 140 So. Dearborn St in Chicago.

 It was double discount days for members of the AIC - so, I did some exhibit viewing, some shopping, and then -- I waited until sunset to take the elevator up to the terrace.   This is Bronze Bowl with Lace by Ursula von Rydingsvard.   It is spectacular at night - only a little drizzle!
 It lights up from the center and also has small lights on the ground to illuminate the cedar / bronze surface.


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