Wednesday, February 01, 2017

knitting update

EDITED 02/17/2017

This is my bag in progress.  I'm using Erika Knight's british blue wool -- six colors.

Knitting in the round on size 6 circular.

Next - add the circular bottom in the dk teal color.   Not sure about the cord --- pattern suggests an icord, I'm thinking spool knitter!

when I started the bottom, the yarn had a knot!   so, I'm undecided about the 'fix' -- since it is on the bottom, I may pull out the rows and start with yarn without a knot.   Cannot decide if it would weaken the bottom of the bag (which I really don't want to line with fabric).

before the bag - had a few 'swatches' -- here is the linen stitch:
 made with Cascade sparrow, lilac, and (maybe) Gelato/yellow.

 I took an all day mitten class in November.
 I have one mitten finished
& need to start the twin!   This is Plymouth Yarn, Baby Alpace Agrande.  Who knows, probably Winter will be over with before I even start ....

This is my IOLI Convention , class project , in the works:
 Kelli Slack's Class - using Liliput yarn.   The pattern is by Kelli Slack, called
Ilwaco Shawlette --     

Edited 02/17/2017 -- because I have been asked, the ornaments I use are glass.   Came in a box of 12 from one of the craft stores.   (ie JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels ... maybe Hobby Lobby )   Inexpensive as I recall.    

I had fun filling glass ball ornaments (Size 2 5/8")  with itty bitty knitting ...

Yarn used is 100% pure wool from the Shetlands - Jamieson & Smith - from knitting store sale bin.  Says to use size 3 knitting needles.   I'm guessing any lace weight yarn will do.

These were sent to Gracie (blogging at Needles, Pins, and Dragonflies): 

On the left side, "Peace", HD yarn by Marilee Rockley (was a gift).   It is sortof like crewel yarn/wool.    On the right something from the knitting store sale bin called 'dream' Tahki Yarns.   I'm guessing crochet cottons would work, too.

Some Progress made on Hitch hiker wrap:  

Of the projects - this one seems easy to knit.   Would like to finish soon.

Monday, November 07, 2016

knitted wraps + trims

 Guess what is  F I N I S H E D ....   Portfolio wrap.  I bought the yarn in Philadelphia - it is called Loop Studio Yarn.   Per web site:  "Studio is a bouncy 3-ply yarn made from 100% American merino wool that's spun and dyed right here in Pennsylvania!".

 In addition to the blue yarn, I purchased a couple more colors - Easel and Glaze.   Perhaps I will use the same pattern in those colors.

The new project I started in October is called Hitchhiker.   
 I am using Color Celedon  -- Madelinetosh  tosh merino light.   .    

I found some very nice vintage pattern books - and started a charming leaf trim:  
The yarn is from Bloomington, Indiana - called Panda, from Crystal Palace.

I added a few more inches on the trim from Piecework magazine, too. 

 New to me knitting spool - Knitter's Pride

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Have you heard?   
October 15, 2016 is 

Please visit the web site Link HERE
or facebook page, Link HERE
 for details. 

"One primary goal of the event is to encourage everyone to “stitch it forward” by teaching at least one newbie to yarn-craft and experience its feel good benefits. Whether people prefer to knit it, crochet it, spin it, weave it or bomb it, the goal is for every yarn-crafter to share their know-how and love of yarn with someone new on October 15th"

Friday, September 02, 2016


Mary Elizabeth's lace no. 10

from Mary Elizabeth Greenwall Edie's 1935 hand made book.

(more info Piecework, May/Jun 2016:  A Treasured Knitted-Lace Sampler Book)

 The Annual Lace Issue of Piecework Magazine is a favorite of mine.   This knitted trim (photo above and below, front and back) pattern was from a hand made book.    The book has samples and hand written instructions.    The article has photographs of some of the pages - would be great to knit all the samples!!!  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Stitches Midwest

DD and I visited two days.   I don't know how anybody can visit for just one day.   We enjoyed spending time together and being inspired by all the wonderful things we saw!

Above:  some of the free things from vendors.  I enjoyed the Clover booth, esp when the tatting was on display.   

Below:  some of the purchased things!   
 The green Lantern Moon ort pouch was grabbed up by me in a hurry.  Was 50% off.   Below - you can see a couple of the free patterns I picked up (hat/mitten set and lace scarf), the Nirvana acrylic "lamb" box for notions (mine currently has stitch markers, tatting shuttles), the beautiful Erin Lane bag, souvenir pin (a.k.a. Stitches GEAR - I feel fortunate as there weren't many to be had), and couple Zoom Loom squares I made with yarn purchases.

The cord in the photos was made on 6-peg knitting spool.   Stitches Midwest has "extreme stash" in the hall outside the vendor area.   There are 10 - 11" cuts of yarns (I wish they were longer!!!) of a variety of fibers.   On our 2nd day - as we were leaving, I noticed so many little pieces still there -- grabbed some and made a 26" cord using 3 fibers at a time.   Enjoyed putting those pieces to use.   I think the idea is to "sample" yarns & colors - not sure how to knit or crochet with such short yarn pieces.   Below - the paper near the yarns.


 These are G R E A T.   half crochet hooks on a finding.   Can be hooked to your bag, your project, your tools.   Nice for tatting, knitting, beading ... the list goes on.  They have awesome accessories (incl sport theme).  Etsy store link HERE.

 On day 2, I met Galina Khmeleva + she autographed my book! More information about the author, opportunity to attend workshop, etc. on the Lafayette Lacemaker blog post - LINK HERE.

 This yarn, cord, wool/tencel blend -- link HERE, was marked down to $2 a ball - and I didn't hesitate to try it out on the Zoom Loom!   Lovely colors.   

 This yarn (Artisanal Yarn from Pennsylvania)  was $5 and again, used on the Zoom Loom (pin loom) right away.   The booth was loaded with a variety of colors - fibers - types of fibers spun into yarns.   Very unique!

 Project bag (Makers' Mercantile booth) ... never seem to own enough of them.  This charming bag already put to use.

 Hello Kitty project bag -- and came with stitch markers!    I put my Good For Ewe yarn balls inside.   I may continue making squares on the pin loom (Zoom Loom) or may knit up a blanket with pattern DD has.

 Could not resist . . . Knit baah Purl one of my fav places to visit.  

 Thank you Skacel!  The yarn, hook, instruction from the FREE Crochet class.   DD and I did okay.   We hooked, ripped out, hooked, repeat.   I think we learned a lot in an hour ; )

Already have 2017 on the calendar ....

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

knitting .... toys .... practice .... etc.

While I was doing some house sitting - and kitty watching .... I brought along knitting.

I'm 1/2 way thru this pattern.   It is Ilwaco Shawlette, Kelli Slack Designs pattern.   c.2015.  I am using Lilliput Yarn, Sasha.  80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon.  

I had a new row counter - was very useful for practicing a new pattern.   And, I lost track of where I was in the pattern.   Had to pull off the knitting and start over.
Then, I noticed the littermates - they were circling and playing, and chasing their kitty toy from one room to the next.
 Yep - my row counter.   Row 16.  

London wants to know if I need that back.

She watched me knit for a long time and eventually nodded off.

My first try in the back -- I did make it thru 2 'leaf' motifs in the pattern.   I think, once done with the current shawlette, I can launch into this one.   It is Leafy Lisa Shawlette by Kelli Slack Designs.  yes - have the pattern and the yarn!

 Above: knitting spool found at a local antique mall.   Too charming to leave it behind.   Below:  wooden knitting spool made in Canada.  Bought it at Stitches Midwest, day 2 -- it is spectacular, a lot of fun using chunky yarns.     The other spools I own are for medium sized yarns.

Below:  My GF gifted me this awesome Vera Bradley tin.   It has a tray inside, and GF added a magnetic strip.   Eventually, will load it with needlework tools / notions.
 Meanwhile, tossed in my crochet hooks so you could see the size.  Probably had been a tin for pencils,  pens, or something like that.

 Speaking of crochet - I picked up the (above) kitchen pot holder at the antique mall.   I would really like to make one - some day.   It is in good shape & hanging in my sewing room.   I suppose it could be used in the kitchen .... naw .... too pretty ....

Lastly, found this lovely book at Mitsuwa's book store.   The patterns are diagrammed well and the step by step photos a bonus.   maybe I'll figure it out, maybe not!

Enjoy the day.


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