Friday, June 30, 2006

Original Design

This is a pulled thread pillow I designed & stitched. I used 19 count cork linen & stitched with crochet cotton (DMC 30-cordonnet) and DMC perle cotton. The finished size is about 11 1/4" x 11 1/4".

I took an EGA Course on pulled thread. Learned many stitches! At last, I have finished my original design into a pillow.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Found it!

Thank you for your kind comments & suggestions. I forget that FINISHING just takes time, patience, & practice.

I've been looking all over for this project: Betsy's Butterfly designed by Elizabeth Foster of Elizabeth's Designs c.2000.

I stitched this as a gift for my Mom. One afternoon, she came over with her stitching supplies ... was working on Betsy's Butterfly!! I never told her I had stitched this for her!! (no, she doesn't like computers or read blogs)

I used 28ct champagne linen - substituted the Spanish Moss for Week's Dried Sage - and found some 11/0 Peach seed beads for the edge.

I tried something different for the charm in the center. I didn't have paper to stabilize the linen; however, had felt on hand. Put felt under the linen front & stitched that butterfly into place thru the felt & linen -- the charm does NOT move.

Pulling the next item out for finishing in a minute. I'm determined to get these things FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED. (My finishing song)

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Shep Bush Fob Front. I tried a different way with the cording. Instead of leaving the fob open & tucking in the cord -- I just wrapped the cording together. It is different. I'm undecided if it is better --

In My Garden - back of fob. The back motif is delicate. (not that the front is ugly -- I just think the back is so neat)

Drawn Thread freebie pattern. Do you notice how the Gingher's Lendell scissors match? The backs have no motifs.

I've struggled with sore throat, fever x 2 days -- now sneezing (etc). DH says to me "TAKE SOMETHING". Maybe he means to say to me: I don't want what you have. I'm not sure where allergies end and head cold begins. I'm trying Echinacea-Goldenseal capsules along with my Claritin-D.

I forgot about this

Jana P. Kerr: Mystery Sampler - from NeedleArts, June 2006, Lesson 8 & 9 of 15

Thanx for asking ... I don't know if I'll have this stitched for the fair(s). I know I need bellpull hardware. So, stay tuned.

My bellpull

This is the bellpull (so far). I really do need to think about some hardware. I can't remember ever buying bellpull hardware.

have I ever made a bellpull? I think not. Guess I'll have to ask the experts at House of Stitches & see what they have.

If anybody has any advice, I'm listening!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

100 Details for 100 Days

On June 21st, SharonB started a new series of posts.

Per Sharonb: "Each day I plan to post a detail of some stitch, seam treatment or embellishment and talk a little about it. I am calling the series 100 details for 100 days."

So, skip over my blog today & get over to HERS!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

sidetracked ... then back on track

Thank you GFs for commenting on my finishing frenzy. I've had next to zero free time lately (yes, Summertime with the kids) and appreciate your kind remarks. I plan to work on finishing - then narrow down the pieces to fit the categories in the premium booklet (for the two fairs I usually enter).

What an awesome blog! Check out Robin's blog. Eye candy galore: beads, buttons, & beaded embroidery and other creative genius stuff.

And, Robin, if you ever come back here for a visit ... please tell me the secret of keeping those beads from moving about!! Mine bag and sag and I need some helpful tips & hints : )

Nope ... not stitching another stitch until the fair entries are ready ... I keep closing my eyes to all the new stuff on the market : )

Meanwhile, yesterday, aside from driving the children here-n-there & back again ... I managed to get the small fobs & pumpkin keeper whip stitched together. AND -- delighted to report they are NOT understuffed or overstuffed.

(The finishing flair fairy was kind to my weak talents & gave me a boost of magic)

Went on a cording rampage ... I made nine cords ... some too short in length ... some to fat in width. Some multi-color ... some wrong color. Yeah, you get the picture.

Bad/sad news: I have a reject pile of cords (sigh)

Good/happy news: I have two cords ready to sew on the two fobs. : D (VBG)

TO DO: I will attempt finishing on the SB needleroll ... perf paper ornament ... tin pin ... pulled thread pillow ... blackwork bookmark ... novelty pillow entry / Betsey Butterfly (which I cannot locat in my stash of stuff) & Goodness! Wish me luck : )

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Couldn't put this book down

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

It is rare for me to pick up a book & read it cover-to-cover; however, this is that sort of book. (with the exception of sleeping from 4am to 6am!!!)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

moving along

I put black beads around the edge of this Fall design. The beads are a nice addition. I think I under-stuffed it though.

I've got a few more attempts w/finishing ... wish me luck!

sigh ...

i wanted these to look better. I tried. I'm not very satisfied with the outcome. I started with nun edge & the linen 'fringed' -- realize the front design on the needlebook should have been over further as the motif is too close to the needlebook spine (that for starters). The beads were too loose on the pinkeep & I don't know what the secret to tight beads & charms can be -- but, i don't know it!! I tried several tassels & ended up with green, now I think they may be too big or too long. I just have given up.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sunday SAL

Sampler Game Board by Drawn Thread. Construction completed on another house ... what a delightful pattern!!

SALing with: Bine in Germany & Cathy With Needle + Thread & Myrna Still Living in Wonderland & Nicole Autumn Sway & Pam at Pam's Place

Didn't hear from Kay O this past week. Melody (w/o blog) sent an e-mail: "I've been stitching on the Game Board (Yeah!!) but of course I started on the boring stuff -- the alpha border and inside border. I figured if I could tackle that then the rest would be a breeze. I stitched one whole side of the inside border over the weekend and realized it was stitched with the wrong color floss -- DRAT!! Here comes the Frog---------- rippit-rippit! "

Any more stitchers joining in????

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A messy mess

on my desk ... and of course

-Pumpkin Keeper (drawn thread freebie) I'm thinking pincushion & fob. Maybe try some cording for the fob with left-over floss. Not sure about pincushion decorations ... either cording or tassels. It is so pretty, I don't want to spoil the design
-Bent Creek The Black Cat -- into a small pillow -- maybe try to add some orange beads around the edge &/or tassels in black with orange beads (undecided) AND OUT OF BLACK FLOSS. Not enough orange either (sigh)
- Two Pinkeeps Goode Huswife) made a lot of color changes to this charming design -- ran short on linen. The pinkeep looks kinda big - but I wanted to add tassels. The smaller one with the inventory will become a needlebook if I can figure out how to do it with such small edges!!! May have to buttonhole around.

Only thing open today is Wal-Mart & they don't have all the floss colors.

I've got the FINISHING blues ....

Wee Wooly by Heart In Hand

Alex bought the pattern & supplies a couple years ago -- stitched this las year & we worked on the cording together -- then, it got 'lost' in his room. If you saw his room ... you would see how easy things vanish !!!

I found it in a bag & worked on the finishing during the week. Alex came into my room & said he wanted the cording around the pillow; however, wanted a tassel in one corner.

I'm thinking to sew the cord in place & have the cords come together in one corner. Wrap the cording together & then get the tassel sewn in. The lamb button can be sewn over any 'boo boo's' I make along the way ....

And of course, I need more floss for the tassel.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

SAL: Sampler Game Board

Progress Pic: Drawn Thread/Sampler Game Board. I added the TWO houses on the top row. And, may add another one tomorrow. I have the 12 Houses Sampler by Drawn Thread & I am not sure if I have linen, know I have the cotton floss : ) What is it with houses these days? I think this is my first project with houses -- I have patterns with houses ... just never stitched any of them.

I am enjoying the kids being home. When they are in class, things are quiet around here. The other day, I talked to Nicholas over an hour. He seems to be enjoying his new job - P.M. Server at a nearby Retirement Community. The extra driving is just wackie. I'm not much for driving around -- with Tori & Nick taking shifts, I'm in the car a lot. Wish I could stitch & drive at the same time!!!NOT!!!

I plan to go back to 'finishing' for fair entries. I made a list of several things needing to be finished. If I can manage to get them looking good, I'll enter them ALL. Gesh. Lofty goal!

The Summer Reading Program (public library) started June 5th for adults. Grand Prize is a $50.00 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. I have SEVEN awesome titles:
Death in the Garden - mystery - by Elizabeth Ironside (thanx Daniellefor this review);
Forever by Judy Blume - from the American Library Assoc Banned/Challenged list;
L'America by martha McPhee - read an review on the NYTimes web site;
Charming Billy by Alice McDermott - wanted to read this for years!;
The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood;
TWO by Annie Proulx -- postcards & Close Range short stories (including Brokeback Mountain).

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Beaded Buttons

Sunday UPDATE: Jenna: That is a good question/comment. For the buttons I decorated -- there is a pin in the back. I wear them with sweaters & usually receive compliments. Some of my NANI GF's wore them on their coat collars. As for the Beaded Button Tutorial - those buttons look like they are functional. Beautiful addition to crazy quilts, bags, sweaters, etc. If I was a person who enjoyed knitting (or crochet?) -- that would be a button of choice for a garment or bag (closure). I thought the button would be a totally awesome accent on a stitching doo-thingie ... like a necessaire or pocket or something stitchie. Instead of a boring button -- use a covered button with left-over beads. I will have to wait for a sale on the covered button stuff & plan to give this a try. After the laundry/ironing & fetching Nicholas from work ... I'm going to stitch a house on the Game Board.

Found a link from Sharon's blog on Beaded Button Tutorial. I've never thought to decorate buttons like these -- I want to try this!

When I learned how to decorate buttons, I used these directions from Judy Hendrix. Results:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

There is a story behind these yellow buttons ... some of my NANI GF's know they like to misplace themselves & go on journeys!! LOL.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Alexander: Happy 14th Birthday

Picked up my canvas from House of Stitches. Selected a frame for the Sanctuary, too.

While I was in the shop, picked out the Drawn Thread 12 Houses Sampler -- yeah, the design needed a new home ... It is too cute.

When I return to pick up the Sanctuary ... I'll have to browse. Well, I'm off to take Nicholas to work ...


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