Sunday, June 25, 2006

My bellpull

This is the bellpull (so far). I really do need to think about some hardware. I can't remember ever buying bellpull hardware.

have I ever made a bellpull? I think not. Guess I'll have to ask the experts at House of Stitches & see what they have.

If anybody has any advice, I'm listening!


Anonymous said...

Is your bellpull on banding or a piece of linen? If it's linen what I did when I handstitched mine was to cut a piece of cotton broadcloth which I preshrank. I folded over the long edges a bit and sewed a straight line with my sewing machine; then I cut the excess fabric close to the stitching line. I placed it on the back of my bellpull and tacked it in place with herringbone stitch at the top and bottom. This was done way past where the overturn on the bellpull hardware would be and it also was covered by the backing that I sewing over everything by hand. Maria S.

LivnLaf said...

Not sure if felting would work on the back for finishing or not...with all the colors out there now it would be pretty.I'm sure your friends at the LNS or out here will give you some good idea. Wichelt Imports has an amazing amount of the actual hardware if you're so inclined. I always thought a bell would actually look nice on the bottom...but it seems that's no longer the "fashion". Your fobs look very nice!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lelia, I think my bellpull finishing instructions for Christmas Hearts are still hanging out on the Stitching Smalls SAL group website, if that helps. They can pretty much be applied to any bellpull. Send me an email if you can't find them or just want to chat as you're going through the process.


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