Monday, March 16, 2015


My sister sent these lovely books to me.  And I set them near my desk - keeping them close to pick up and read a few more pages ... guess who thought they were perfect stools?  Yep, Mr Katt.    I had the window open and he decided the books made perfect chair for peering out.   What a hoot.   (this time he didn't topple over DD's bear).
 Meanwhile, while Jasper (above) and Honey (below) were sitting near the other windows, they fell sound asleep once the sun set.  What a lovely day - nice to see sunshine and keep fingers crossed for Spring.

Wondering how the class is going?

Knitting for beginners:  Feather and Fan Lace
  Increase, decrease, slip, yarn over, make one:
Knitting for beginners:  a simple cable

I never imagined being able to get consistent rows!  
After some practice ... it is easier.

This is some fantastic yarn I purchased in Philadelphia at Rosie's Yarn Cellar.
 O -- O-Wool facebook --or-- web site
 there is a lovely scarf pattern on their blog.

This is the next knitting lesson:  
 creating a hat on circular needle and double pointed needles.    Followed by a scarf with cable, open areas, and a little bit of everything we have learned!


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