Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


He is lucky to still be in the house.
He has a quick paw!

He was sitting on the desk for about an hour
before he grabbed the linen.
See how innocent he looks
right before he grabbed my needlework?

Maybe he just didn't like the camera.
Mr. Katt keeping me company while
I was choosing colors.

No damage done (whew)
This is Color Play, Part One
for the NANI class.

Not much stitching left to accomplish.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Winner ....

My name was selected for
Lilla's Giveaway.   The tag she
creative arrived in today's mail.

Treat yourself by visiting
her blog, Just Lilla --- 
La vie en Rose by Lilla on Etsy ---
and/or, viewing her Pinterest boards.

Per Lilla's blog:
"Made the key or bag tag from old French paper"
to be used as a key tag or to adorn a back pack.

For now, I have the bag + 
tag hanging on my wall!

Here is what the back looks like:

Thank you Lilla!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Color Play

Not must needlework - here is the
current project ...
for the May NANI Class.

It is apx 3" square
The four rectangles are not supposed
to be the same.

This is where I'm at .... 

This is where I was

This is how I started!!!   

Using DMC 722, 743, 798 and Old Willow Meloncholy overdye
on 30 or 32ct linen scrap.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color Play, Part One .... etc.

Do you read (follow) Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread?    Did you see her post about the Embroidery Thread Storage .... how neat and organized she is?   And, she wanted comments .... well, I looked at my project

and didn't think commenting that my threads were housed in an empty stationery box would be appropriate ( + were a knotted up mess.)  Guess I'll never have the 'neat stitcher' award.   Most of my projects, that are tossed in a bag or box, look the same - kinda messy.   At the end of the day, I toss everything back to keep things safe from the fur babies.
(pictured above:  
Blackbird Designs - Reward of Merit Buttons + Pins.
The bird is just suspended in mid-air,
should look better when the flowers are
stitched in....   )

Above - my start on Color Play.

Pre (work) stitching for NANI's
class.   It is apx 3" square.   Needs more
diagonal rows added in all the colors.

Maybe this week-end ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giveaway Winner

.... is Gwen,
You will also find Gwen's projects on
many group blogs (BBD, LHN, Quaker, Brightneedle)
and the 25 Motif Challenge blog.

Thank you for the comments + private e-mails.   Here is
my 'found' Blackbird Designs, WIP
Buttons + Pins
(one of the Reward of Merit patterns).

It has been in the back of my closet for a very long time.
I blame it on the cat.   I am pretty
happy to find the bag, tho.   I knew I put it someplace!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

990th Post GIVEAWAY

We have a winner!

Gwen, blogging at

congrats - book will be mailed this week ; )


I know!  How could I have 990 posts?
Thx for stopping by.

Somehow, I have TWO copies of 

one of the fabulous books in the

This is paperback, never read,
brand new, non-smoking home --
ready to travel.

Interested?  Leave a comment with a 
way to reach you via e-mail.

Drawing on Tuesday, April 10th

Monday, April 02, 2012

String-A-Long Quilt Show

put on quite a show!

Don't miss the 

In addition to the fantastic quilts, the group had a 
wonderful flea market:
I bought a bag of Sunbonnet Sue notepapers + this charming softie.  
Bags of buttons for $1.  
And, imagine my delight to find Dillmont's Encyclopedia, brand new, $2.

I visited the SAL Member Boutique:
Found a charming angel softie for MIL.
The blue fabric bag for coupons (keeping in my vehicle).

And they had a few sizes of these awesome zipper bags --
I bought a small one + once home, was delighted it was the
perfect size for a ball of tatting fiber and a shuttle.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April First is ....

Traditionally celebrated by
eating chocolates
and creating tatted lace.

I use a shuttle; however, there are
some beautiful tatted laces created with needles and hooks.

My tatted motifs can be found on

And, seriously, my friend, Marianne and I are in the
planning stages for a Beginning Tatting and Kanzashi Flower
for the L.A.C.E. group.

I am grateful for those with blogs,
yahoo groups, e-classes, who take the time
to share their tatting knowledge.   

Enjoy tatting today.


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