Friday, March 31, 2006

Gay Ann Rogers - Mystery Sampler continues

Worked on this non-stop yesterday. I got out some beads and quickly added some -- to figure out what I want use on all the ends.

With this head cold, it is about all I can do. Whine, whine, whine. This cold is just terrible. I keep thinking "tomorrow I'll feel better" (sigh)
My final color-dilemma is in beads. I don't know whether to use the yellow beads (I added a few on the left side) or the taupe beads (added some to the right side). I figure I'll work on the other three sides -- I have a Smyrna cross in pc#5 610 (in the point on the sides). After all the stitches are complete -- I should have a bead favourite. Beads are the last step. I'm so close.

Poor Nicholas came to me & said he is nearly out of 032 #8 braid -- and he had to take out everything he put in today. He was working on another wing. I try to explain these things just happen & thought a break would be a good thing. We are heading to the public library real soon. (Labryinth is IN -- I can check it out)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Progress Picture

Stitching by Nicholas. He is running out of some floss colors : ) I keep encouraging him to continue. I gave him a skein of 315 & 316.

Mystery with a Little Bit of Glitz

This canvas piece was offered to our EGA chapter. I received a list of supplies in December of 1979 (ouch). Part I was handed out, everybody stitched the same thing. Part II (April 2000) offered 3 different choices for the corners & 3 choices for the area inbetween the corners. I was over my head. I knew zero about selecting watercolours & perle cotons & Kreinik spools. As I stitched parts, I'd change my mind about the color I selected & go out for something else. Eventually, I learned the stitches & got all but one color to work out. I had a nice peach color -- but it just didn't work out -- changed everything to green 727 & finally was satisfied with the overall color scheme.

Now, I'm determined to finish this thing for once & for all. The 60 pulled eyelets just about did me in. With the help of some pink tape & patience, I find there are TWO more pages of stitching diagrams -- then a big happy dance. Talk about keeping it in the closet too long ....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Finished ...

This was the last square ... & I added herringbone stitches (927-blue)in the borders.

I'm really pleased with this tabletopper : ) I will work on the nun edge a little at a time over the next couple days. Just wish I could get over this 'cold' bug. It is a drag.

UPDATE: Yes, I do have a place for this tabletopper! Probably put it out after the local Fairs & NANI exhibit. And, I'm keeping it & enjoying it. I like to stitch sampler motifs like these ... now on to my canvas piece. Using metallics is a challenge for me. Thank goodness for pink hair tape -- It does help those sore areas on my fingers!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

M-R Block

Finished another square on Sampler Tabletopper designed by Claudia Dutcher of Dutch Treat Designs.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I've got the border done on the fourth square -- need to add the basket & then finish the final square. Should be so much fun to add the herringbone & eyelet stitches (in blue) inbetween the squares.

I received the Premium Booklet for the Porter County Fair (July 29-29). I've got to go thru my stuff and see what I can enter. I have some WTF items & some WIPs close to being finished. Deadlines can be helpful to get my needles in gear : ) The categories seem similar to previous years. I'd like to get the Tabletopper entered -- maybe DT Sanctuary. I try to enter exhibits into both Porter County and Lake County fairs. Lake County has a thick premium booklet & better categories!! This Fall, our EGA chapter will sponsor an exhibit (no prizes) & I'd like to put some items on display. Always a good time to share needlework among friends.

Nicholas said "thanks" for all his encouraging comments. He is on Spring Break this week & plans to get the wings done. Alex is improved ... this cold is dragging him down. He should be working on the set (for the Spring Play) once he is over this dratted cold.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Thanks for asking. This is a progress picture -- Stitching by Nicholas:Image hosting by Photobucket I need to find the 007 Kreinik he needs. I have not been to the LNS. Did manage a trip to Hobby Lobby -- Alex was home from school with a cold. He fell asleep, so I went shopping!! Got some floss & stuff. Not a budget buster.

While browsing blogs this a.m., I came across a couple wonderful mail art exchange pieces. Check out Bea's envelope -- stitched by Chiara. Plus, Chiara has an envelope (on her blog) stitched by Blinne. These are so creative. I enjoy seeing all the exchanges : )

Our NANI EGA chapter is sponsoring a Mail Art Workshop on May 6th. I signed up : ) I'm looking forward to getting together with stitchers & creating an envelope. I found a nice on-line article about NANI's Camp Quality outreach program (& pictures). I think there might be an article in the next issue of NeedleArts magazine, too.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mysteries? Over One? Organized?

Image hosting by Photobucket

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carol and is:

Q. Have you ever participated in a needlework mystery (i.e., a design that you started before knowing how it will look in the end and by which you receive parts of the design via the internet, magazines, or leaflets at spaced intervals)? If so, why did you decide to do the mystery? What appealed to you about it? Did you enjoy it? If you have not done a mystery, would you ever do one?

A. Yes! I participated in two Mystery Samplers designed by Gay Ann Rogers. I completed this (on congress cloth) in 2000:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Close-up: Image hosting by Photobucket

The "Mystery with a Little Bit of Glitz" was also by Gay Ann Rogers & is a WIP:
Image hosting by Photobucket Since this picture was taken, I've worked on it here-n-there .... Canvas & metallics aren't my favorites.

Image hosting by PhotobucketFound the picture

Currently, I'm stitching a mystery sampler by Jana P. Kerr. Our EGA chapter members did this in 1993 (before I was a member). I had seen it completed years ago & was thrilled to have the NeedleArts magazine put the lessons in their quarterly publication. It is stitched on linen banding w/floss (I'm using dmc & anchor floss colors). This is a picture of 1-5 of 15 parts:

Image hosting by Photobucket

The permalink to this post is Renée >^..^< "Stitched with Love and Cat Hair"

Image hosting by PhotobucketToday's SBQ is:

Q. Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not, have you considered it?

A. Yes, I stitch "over one". I sit for about an hour with over one & then quit for the day. I like using a 28-count or 32-count linen with one strand of silk (or Anchor floss). I think these were last projects I stitched over-one:
Image hosting by Photobucket Pattern is from Scarlet Letter, called N. Hinde Sampler I have a couple "over-one" WIPs, too. I enjoy the detail in over-one designs. With an exceptional color -- they are fabulous.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is 40-count linen & IMO the stitching gets bunched up looking. I think using a 1/2 cross would have been more suitable. This is A Sampler Pinkeep by The Heart's Content. I started the reverse side & really should find it in my WIP pile & finish it up!!

Image hosting by Photobucket This is Tin Pin Heart by Twisted Threads -- this one seemed to stitch up quickly!! What fun.

The permalink to this post is: Renée's Blog >^..^< "Stitched with Love and Cat Hair"

Image hosting by PhotobucketToday's SBQ is:

Q. Do you have an organizational system for your patterns? If so, how do you organize them? If not, have you considered organizing them?

A. I'm more organized NOW than I have ever been. I have patterns/charts in two notebooks with a zipper (high shelf in the closet) -- alphabetized by company name (i.e. Blackbird, Brightneedle, etc.) My kits are in a rubbermaid container in the closet. My "kits to go" and WIPs are in totebags and boxes on top of the container (in my closet). I also have a basket near my stitching corner which houses patterns kitted up to do in the near future. AND -- every time I move things around ... I lose stuff!! I'm not planning to change a thing.

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Cool Beans!" ... I've been RAK'd

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from Myrna : ) The pattern, linen, material (for lining), button & fibers to make a scissor pocket!! I was thrilled & went straight to JoAnn Fabrics for the matching scissors. Found them ON SALE ... Yippie : ) Thank you Myrna for making my day special! (Myrna has Xanga & Blogger accounts)

Image hosting by Photobucket Aren't the colors unique? One is called Red Dust & the other is Nullabor. Awesome combination.

Image hosting by Photobucket This is The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio: 2006 Limited Edition Red Desert Scissor Pocket. This was designed to house Jo-Ann's exclusive Ginghers "Lanell" 4" Embroidery Scissors. I cannot wait to stitch up these beautiful motifs & finishing into a scissor pocket.

Myrna, you know me so well : ) I cannot thank you enough!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Challenge

While visiting Christine's Blog ... I found out that Zorah extended the morning cup challenge to include a COASTER!! Hmmmm... how about a saucer???? I don't think I own a coaster. (for shame)

Von: Thanks for the "Lady Grey" tip. It is very good! I have Twinings of London "Lady Grey Tea". The ingredients are: Tea, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Citrus flavouring. (I found the Prairie Schooler freebie on their web site. Too Cute!)
AND, I can so relate to "Mommy Wars" posted by Von. Check it out.

Annemiek: I saw Von's & you can get the freebie S is For Spring from the Prairie Schooler web site.

Many thanks for all your comments. Especially those re. Nicholas. He was gobsmacked by your kind remarks. He said there are "some mistakes" & he re-worked some stitches because they were off a row. oooh ... can relate to that frogging. I'll have to give him a frog charm to keep on his desk!

I ordered the Drawn Thread Sampler Game Board chart from House of Stitches. I should be able to pick it up later this week (or early next week). This courtesy of a gift certificate from my Mom.

I'm looking at my stitching & realize I need to finish things for fair entries and the EGA exhibit in October. I've got some WIPs nearly there ... and should concentrate on them first. Maybe rotate some small items with the WIPs ....

Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring has Sprung : )

Image hosting by PhotobucketPhoto taken by DH from our backyard garden. Yellow makes me cheerful!

And, in response to a challenge from Kim:

Image hosting by PhotobucketI'm currently a tea drinker. My favorite is a blend of Constant Comment & Mint. Being allergic to most berries, I have to be really careful of tea -- lots of tea list elderberries, etc. for flavorings. I have found some nice Ginger-Peach, Apricot, Darjeeling, English Breakfast & Jasmine blends that I enjoy with Mint or Lemon. I tried some green tea flavors, & like a ginseng blend. Today, when I go shopping, I'm going to pick up some cinnamon ... What blends of tea do you like?

Image hosting by PhotobucketThese are my retired coffee mugs -- my "on the go" mug + "around the house" mug. Luckily, DH still enjoys his morning brew!

In December, I gave up drinking coffee. It seemed a habit needing to be broken--& I still crave it all the time. Tea was a good option; however, took awhile to find something I enjoyed!! In addition to the giving up coffee, I cut down & then, swore off all desserts. Thus far, 11 lb. weight loss without coffee & desserts. Need to add in some walking & hope to be a smaller "me" by Summer. Keeping my fingers crossed & wish me luck!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Progress Photos ... stitched by Nicholas

Since Tuesday, Nicholas worked on the hair & collar/sleeve:
Image hosting by Photobucket

As of this morning: Image hosting by Photobucket (Nicholas tells me he does not have enough of the mauve braid to complete the other sleeve. I told him to keep working & I'll find the braid!!)

This is his Cross-eyed cricket project (worked on Aida):
Image hosting by Photobucket

I found Alexander's stitching & I hope to get that finished for him today. He was going to finish it himself; however, I want him to focus on his homework!! I'll be taking Tori back to college on Sunday (Alex wants to ride along) leaving DH & Nicholas in charge ...

Stitch well -- enjoy the week-end : )

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mystery Sampler continues

Received the March issue of NeedleArts with Lesson Six (Row 18 + Row 24) & Lesson Seven (Row 19 + Row 23).
Image hosting by PhotobucketI finished the last two rows (Lesson 6/Row 18 + Lesson7/Row 19) last night. This Mystery Sampler is really wonderful to stitch.

Thank you for your comments regarding Nicholas and his L&L project. In the past Nicholas has worked on Mill Hill perforated paper projects and aida cloth -- he did a nice cross eyed cricket on aida. Now that he is on evenweave -- I may have to watch my stash ; ) He will be 16 on April 25th (next month). Nicholas is an avid reader AND enjoys playing trombone in the Jazz Band, Pep Band, & Marching Band. He recently learned how to knit scarves -- several students got together after school & were taught by their French Teacher.

Our other son, Alexander is 13 and enjoys Drama Club, Radio Club, Show Choir & Robotics Club. He is rehearsing for "Schoolhouse Rock" -- I forget what part he has. Alexander stitches on aida once in awhile and has made several Mill Hill perforated paper projects. Currently, he is working on a canvas piece - it is a zipper pouch. If I could walk into his room, I'd take a picture of HIS progress, too. Over his Spring Break, he wants me to do the finishing on his last HIH project -- it is hidden in his bedroom someplace.

In order to keep peace in our household, I make sure the common areas of the house are tidy & just keep their bedroom doors shut. Teenagers have messy rooms. It goes with the territory.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Mentor in Action ...

How about this project?

Last Tuesday, our son, Nicholas, spotted a "kit" at hobby lobby. He decided on the spot that he wanted to learn how to stitch on evenweave. I'm like ok .... and suggested a smaller kit ... a learning kit. He would not have it. It was THAT kit or he'd stick with knitting (and he is a fine scarf knitter - IMO)

Once home, I got out some linen scraps and floss. Within a few minutes he got the hang of it. He had very few questions. Fast forward to today ... look at his progress:
Image hosting by Photobucket
Lavender & Lace "Fairy Dreams" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum c.1996, Told in a Garden. (LL-41) Can you tell in this photo he did the face over-one? I'm so proud of him.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brightneedle SAL

A few stitchers from Stitching Smalls SAL are working on Brightneedle freebies this month. I chose Bunny Hop Scissors Fob; A Companion Piece to Tall Trees Pincushion. A Brightneedle Design by Liz Knudsen & Ann Pettit. c.2002
Image hosting by Photobucket
It is 25w x 25h using six DMC floss colors. The pattern calls for 40-count Light Expresso linen by R&R Reproductions. I don't have enough #3013 or #3768 to finish them into fobs. (Oh darn, may have to go out shopping)
Image hosting by Photobucket
I stitched two last night .... remember they are quite small with 25x25 stitch count. One is on 32ct Antique Ivory AND the other is on 36ct Edinborough Rue Green. The Tall Trees pincushion will have to go on my wish list. Would be fun to stitch don't you think?

Why are 12oz. of Kellogg's Corn Flakes $2.75 while 5 lbs of Idaho potato are $2.49? Think the boys would mind eating a potato for breakfast instead of cereal?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Makes my skin crawl ...

I was horrified to read a post at Sharon B's Blog dated March 3rd AND Linn's Blog dated March 6th.

About taking vintage samplers - removing the fibers - adding color. There are links from these blogs with pictures/articles & multiple comments. I'm so irritated. Really feel a rant coming .... Who in their right mind would remove stitches from a vintage needlework project? I just cannot wrap my mind around it.

Spring Snow ...

Welcome .... Image hosting by Photobucket It has been snowing on & off for about 24 hours. I hear it will snow another two hours or so. Then, should rain for the next five days.

front walk ...

Image hosting by Photobucket

back ...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Magazines & Publications

Image hosting by Photobucket
Today's SBQ was suggested by Cheryl and is:

QUESTION: What cross-stitch magazines or other publications (as opposed to blogs) do you read on a regular basis? What do you like about them?
What do you not like? What would your perfect publication include?

MY ANSWER: I prefer selecting patterns to magazine subscriptions. I like the annual Ornament Magazine & enjoy Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly. Being a member of our local EGA chapter, I also receive the EGA publication, NeedleArts.

The permalink to this post is:

Happy Stitching!


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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Couldn't resist ...

Shakespeare: Sonnets. Everyone has heard of you,

and almost everybody can find something

touching in you. You are calm and control

yourself, even though your wisdom and your

messages are no lesser than those of others.

Which literature classic are you?
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Thankx for asking. The "eggs" are just for fun. Usually, my son, daughter, and I put one of the images on our separate blogs & then compare once hatched. More information is available at Elements Graphics (listed in my side bar) or check mystery eggs Last month I used all 10 eggs. What a hoot.


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