Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mary Garry

I have been sorting thru my projects & this Mary Garry flatfold was (has been) on the bottom of the stack in my basket, since 2005! Sigh.
The idea was to stitch the flatfold [DONE] hemstitch the outer edge [DONE], and make a small pocket for the inside [NOT DONE] ... select some nice fabric & add thread rings [NOT DONE]
I just got a darling freebie & thought it might be a great motif for the pocket. Then, went thru the patterns I own & think I liked all of these darling maidens.

This one is from She Who Sews c.1995 Mary Garry
I used suggested Anchor floss

This motif, (c.1995 Mary Garry She Who Sews) is nearly identical to the FREEBIE (last picture in this post). The colors are different.
I used suggested Anchor floss.

This is from a Mary Garry FREEBIE, Sew & Sew and I used both DMC and Anchor floss colors: dmc 931,and rest anchor per suggested on pattern.

Last, but not least, Mary Garry FREEBIE called She Who Sews

OK, I like all of them : )
and I'm thinking, if I want to be consistent, I should probably use the left over Milkpaint Silks which came with the kit!! and use the same linen as I started with.
The cute maiden motifs won't go to waste, they were totally fun to stitch & would be cute sewing smalls

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thx Monique : )

I was nominated by Monique, Inside Number Twenty. Thank you! You are very kind : )

Here are the rules of the award:
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
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5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Most of the blogs I frequent have already been awarded! These are awesome blogs (listed alphabetically) and I’d like to pass this award along to:
(1) Ayako
(2) Marjorie
(3) Monica
(4) Pat
(5) Sandra Ree

Please share this information with your friends:

Direct link: http://girl-gone-thread-wild.blogspot.com/2008/05/runner-up-prizes.html

More pictures and information on my other blog. Or, click on the group button located in the sidebar of this blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pin: Love

Love, c. Birds of a Feather

Stitched over one thread on 32-count linen w/Anchor floss. 41W x 59H. I put the pin next to some of my thread winders so you could get an idea of the size.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BOAF: Love

Thank you to everybody for your e-mails and comments. I appreciate you taking the time to view my posts, pictures & leave a remark. This Summer has been quite busy & I have not accomplished as much as I wanted.

I did complete the stitching on this charming design. In answer to questions, yes, this is stitched over one thread. I chose a scrap of 32-count antique ivory linen. I used Anchor Floss from my fiber skeins - just chosen at random. If I were stitching this over 2-threads, I would probably have used the over-dye fibers suggested. I would like this to be a small lapel pin - and hope to get it finished in the next couple of days

As for the blogging questions, I do have more than one blog. I think most visitors look for needlework at this site. My Other Blog is mostly non-needlework posts & pictures. In addition, I participate in group blogs and yahoo groups. It is wonderful to belong to such a large, international stitching community!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Honey Bunny

DH tossed a pillow on the couch. The plan was to recline and nap. Guess who thought that was a fabulous idea?

A bit of stitching to report:

On July 12th, Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana presented
A Day With La-D-Da's Lori Markovic

Many thanks to the Commitee Members (Mary C, Nancy H, Pat L, Cindy L, Cheryl M, and Karen U) AND sponsors (Avon Products, Country Cupboard, Sue's Needlework Finishing, House of Stitches, Perfect Angle, Redex (Udder Cream), Stitch by Stitch, Tomorrow Heirlooms, That Finishing Touch) for their generous contributions to the success of the workshop.

Not only was Lori Markovic awesome, and her kit fabulous, there were kewl goodies for participants. Check out the tote, needle case & the small booklet on the left is full of La-D-Da freebie patterns.

I didn't get much stitching accomplished (yet); however, so enjoyed chatting with stitchie friends. Some I hadn't seen for a year!
This was an exclusive kit for a pin safe project. Oh, I did get the pins done! They are terrific & if I get to Hobby Lobby this week, I want to find the pin thingies and make more.

The kit includes Belle Soie Silk from Crescent Colours on 30-count Tin Roof linen from Weeks Dye Works. It says She seeks wool & flax & works with willing hands . The cord is beautiful. I just have to get this done soon.

Coni is further along & has a wonderful picture HERE and a post about the workshop HERE.

Stitches of Life II
I've done a bit of beading & loads of what I call quilting. Specifically, hand pieced blocks FINISHED into something : ) Pictures & Post about it HERE. I was so pleased with the 4-block (for the back of my chair or couch) and pillow. Been in the closet too long!

Christmas in July
Swedish Christmas Star, Hearts, & Reindeer
Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
Just Cross Stitch / Ornaments 1998

I used DMC 680, 3011, and 3777. I made a cord with DMC ecru floss. I cannot say for sure how many times I've stitched this pattern. I just love it! One of these days, I'll make one for me to keep : )

Love ... slow stitching
I put in a few more stitches -- and took out a few stitches : ) LOL


I forgot to add, Barbara also put up a post re. the La-D-Da workshop!

Did I mention there was a table full of goodies to purchase? Wow. I have no willpower. I bought La-D-Da's Alphabet.

Sounds interesting:

I was reading the With My Needle And Pen newsletter, and read about a newly formed group Sampler Consortium. Sounded interesting. Plus, a link to 450+ web sites related to historic needlework!! Membership is FREE for those joining before July 31st. Check it out!

Midwest Stash Exchange

Mark your calendars now!!!

The Stitching Yard Sale will be held on
Saturday, August 16, 2008
10:00am to 3:00pm

It will be at House of Stitches in LaPorte, Indiana.

Admission for shopping is $5.00. If you are interested in setting up a table and selling your own stash, the table rental fee is $10.00.
Shop, swap, & sell your stash!

All Proceeds from this event (entry fee & table fee) will go to the American Heart Association

You may have already seen a post about this on Coni's Blog.

Need more information? e-mail: mail@houseofstitches.com or call 800.455.8517

Friday, July 11, 2008


I pulled out a long lost WIP, from the stack. Blog post HERE, Feb 2006!
I added some detail, finished the lady's clothing, and stitched a couple hearts
Not much more to stitch on this over-one sampler

c.Birds of a Feather
41W x 59H
I'm using Anchor floss from my stash. If I were stitching this over two threads, I probably would have used the Sampler Threads suggested per pattern.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Awww ...

I came into the room to find BOTH cats in BOTH baskets. Maybe I should have purchased TWO of them : )

New Contest! New Prize!

Thank You Gina for tatting this beautiful bag!

If you are interested in winning this bag, visit the Stitch Pink Blog. A winner will be selected on July 30th.



I went over to Hobby Lobby to buy a new basket. They are 50% off this week. Nikki broke the rim off the old one (brown one) & the whole basket started to unwind!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

French Country IV: Pumpkin

c.2006 JBW Designs
#154 Designed by Judy Whitman

I stitched the design back in 2006 & just got around to finishing it. Posted the particulars HERE. I finished the edges with seed beads. I used the french word for Pumpkin.

Monday, July 07, 2008

"Spring Fling"

"Spring Fling"
c.2004 Homespun Elegance Ltd.
Designed by Sandra Sullivan

I enjoyed stitching this charming design. I made some changes to the design. All explained HERE . To finish into a small pillow (looks too cute displayed in a basket on the table) I used Mill Hill glass seed beads #02019 around the edge.

I bought the thread winders at House of Stitches. I've had my eye on them for some time. I saw them on the Skinner Sisters web site. Says they are made out of cattle "bone and horn". Just had to add them to my thread winder collection : )

As for my pillow form, I did find the RIGHT size on sale at JoAnn Fabrics. Next time I ever make a pillow -- I'll have to remember to have the finished size measure 12", 14", 16" or 18" square!! Otherwise, I'm not sure how to make a pillow form. This one had a zipper -- so, I guess it goes on the bottom? I'm such a newbie with sewing. There is a picture of the pillow case I designed HERE. It is an original design. I donated the pattern to The Applique Society.


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