Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fair Entry Pictures & big THANK YOU

G.Morrow - first steps inserted into a box lid
Kittens - learned how to stitch faces ; )
Victoria Sampler heart & Chessie's Tree orn
Sheperd's Bush freebie, finally got it finished

I managed to get all my fair entries back to the house. Took a few pics of entries that I was asked about. No, not taking pics of everything. I'm going to put more pics into an on-line album (when the kids are back in school).

I have been running endlessly. Our youngest, Alex, sold five ads for the CATS program booklet. Took nearly the entire day yesterday. No fun reading or stitching. Just drove 78 miles here-n-there. Keep your fingers crossed other business people will call us back & he will have more ads to turn in. Alex has his heart in the right place.

I managed to place an order with House of Stitches (LaPorte Indiana) for some M.Garry Sewing Cabin patterns. They are getting harder to find. I ordered Blessed are the Peacemakers, Learning is Most Excellent, Present for Sewing Well (narrow band sampler - I already have the other one which is folded & has NeedleBook), + Spring Cookies.

AND, many thanks for all the fine comments on this blog. If I wasn't so drained of energy today, I'd respond to each & every one of you individually. Please continue to comment here or by e-mail, I love hearing from you. Especially grateful for the 'finishing' photos and tips I've unearthed on other web logs. Sharing is a good thing.


BeckySC said...

WOW!!!!!! All the entries are wonderful. I can see now why you got so many ribbons! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU :) :) :)!!!

Oh, no worries, I will BEE coming around daily. I enjoy your blog very much and I love that you visit with me-I love comments too :) I didn't use to mind if I didn't get any-but once you start getting them, you become addicted to them...kinda like stash..:) :) :)

WOW! love those entries!!!!!

Cathy B said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I've always wanted to stitch Chessie's Tree!

I've never entered anything at our State Fair until this year. The fair doesn't start until next week - we'll see how I do and then I'll post something on my blog.

Happy Stitching!

Cathy B

Kitty Couture said...

Wonderful pictures! Congratulations to you, you deserve those prizes. I am in awe of your box lid. Most of all I have fallen completely in love with your kittens!! They are cuteness incarnate!
Would you mind sharing a tutorial? I would be so grateful.
Not now of course - you need to rest first... so, take care!

Kitty Couture said...

Hi again Lelia,

Thank you for your comment about the kitties. They're so darn cute. Did you devise them all from scratch?

Kitty Couture said...

ps: Sorry to be asking another question... ;o/

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your fair entries! They all look wonderful. I'm stitching GM's Nova - or at least, I *have* stitched some of it ;) It's on a bit of a hiatus at the moment.

I enjoy reading your blog - you stitch some interesting pieces.

Chelle said...

Hurrah for YOU!! Love those fair entries. I'm looking forward to seeing everything once you get them online! Love the kitties - how ironic, someone at SLS was talking about that project not too long ago. Very cute! I'm really intrigued by the Ginny Morrow project. Is it stitched on canvas or linen? And is that more stitching outside of the square around the edges? Love the finishing on that one too. Congrats on the ribbons!! Well deserved!!

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing photos! They are all gorgeous!! No wonder you won so many ribbons! :) You work is always great, though!


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