Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clox Sampler

One evening, while flipping thru some SAN-Q magazines, I came accross an article by Eileen Bennett on 'clox' and samplers. on page 30, I saw a photo of the blue clox sampler (courtesy Minnesota Historical Society) ... which looked kinda familiar to me. I pulled out my NeedleArts magazine, sure enough, there was a blue clox sampler for sale from the St Paul Needleworkers chapter of EGA.

Here is a picture from their web site:
Wouldn't you like to stitch it, too?

Near the end of the article, SANQ Spring 2003, the author made mention of clox patterns being available in knitted pattern books (or should I say books of patterns for knitting?). Guess what? I own one. And, now that I've read the article, recognize the clox patterns in the book I have by Carola Forg called Traditional Motifs for Needlework and Knittingc.1985 ISBN: 0-937274-65-8. Is that kewl or what???

Never mind, I'd love to get my hands on the Samplers of the Pennsylvania Germans book by Tandy + Charles Hersh. Anybody have a spare $300-$450 for a used copy??? Yikes.

-------------- also .... I forgot to add a link to my post re. EGA seminar. The class pieces on display for GLR are for a seminar they will be hosting. This is a link to the GLR -- which has an area for you to pop over to the class photos & registration info. Look HERE to find Threads of Friendship, 2008 stuff.


Chelle said...

You surely do come up with the most interesting stuff. I'm going to have to pull out my SANQ binder and find that article!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that EGA piece!

Stash Queen said...

Love the info about the samplers - had never seen them before!



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