Saturday, June 28, 2014

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I have 50 things on my "to do" list + then started talking on the phone, + then it started to rain.    DH and DS going to the movies.    So, pulled out my bag, nearby, + had my HE project in hand.

"Simply Red, Plus"
Designed by Sandra Sullivan

The pattern + red fiber were a gift from GF Karol.   As I had the blue fiber close at hand, I started with the blue.   [Needle Necessities, Inc. #1342].    I'm using a piece of 30-count Lt. Espresso, from the House of Stitches fabric bin!   

The pattern has a small pincushion in yellow fiber w/MOP button.   The letters are backwards - quite charming; however, I'm going back to the traditional.    Stitching over one thread.   Should be pretty.

Earlier this week, I managed to sew the bottom part of the the pre-made pieces, to form additional pockets for tools and fibers.   Nice to use the outside pockets as well as the inside pockets.     From the time I purchased these (even before stitched), I've been using them.    Quite handy + a nice size.   : )

Earlier this week, I finished Chipmunk, by Prairie Schooler into a needlebook.   I used aida cloth - which I like for something that gets a lot of use. In the Woods, The Prairie Schooler, c.1994, Book No. 46

  Also, completed the wooden piece by Bucilla.   They have a series called Bucilla Handmade Wooden Stitchables.   Link here.


Annette-California said...

Great new start! It;s going to be so pretty. LOVE your chipmunk PS and you that you turned into a needlebook! Fabulous!!
love Annette

Cathy B said...

It was a good evening for stitching!

cucki said...

Beautiful stitches xxx

Anna van Schurman said...

Poor sad, neglected to-do list. LOL. Love the chipmunk!


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