Friday, October 03, 2008

Pin Pals aka Pincushions ...

For the second time this week, my post has posted before I finished typing and editing. I am not sure what I'm doing differently! I apologize for typing errors and general fumbling.

This afternoon, I checked this out from the public library:
What a nice book! (Web Link Here) I read a post by Annette about these charming pincushions and the spookie eye was such a hoot!! She has links on her post.

Meanwhile, my GF Marjorie went ahead and made a creepy eye overnight!! Marjorie also shared a link for these stunning teacup pincushions with little houses, trees, etc., on top. A must see: Mimi Kirchner creations!!

Makes my simple pincushions wimpy in comparison!

Additional Kewl Pincushion links:
Schmaltzy Craftsy Pincushion Blog
Pincushion Yahoo Group
Flikr pincushion pics

I've started a bottle cap collection & hope to get my hands on some felt to make some smallish ones. I do enjoy seeing the variety on line : )

I also checked out the latest in the Elm Creek series:Web Site Link here


Kim B said...

Pincushions can really be a lot of fun to look at!

Tammy said...

You'll be having fun with those!

Annemarie said...

Before I'm off to visit all of those links, thanks for providing them!

Barbara said...

What cool pincushions!

Joy said...

I LOVE the Elm Street stories! I have read them all...thanks for the heads up on the next one! Thank you for the info on pincushions! They are interesting to look at.


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