Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pincushion Parade!!!

Beth blogging at Love Laugh Quilt
is hosting a Pincushion Parade + asks
bloggers to share their collection.
Details on her post:  Pincushion Parade!!!

Here are some of mine:
I stitched and finished these needlerolls.   
They are Shep Bush kits and Sekas designs.

Two of these beautiful pinkeeps were gifts. The Souvenir de France was
stitched + finished by GF Anna.   The Christmas Heart was
stitched + finished by GF Cathy B.   I stitched and finished the small
Sampler Pinkeep - and still have a small one half stitched!

I stitched and finished this Pin Cube.

This is a kit - wool I made a cupcake.  I made a few of the kits - fun to assemble.

given to me (and made by) GF Beth --- Tho, I confess
no pin has ever landed on the wool basket!

These, I use ALL THE TIME.   GF Sue made the Stick it Here.  It is the perfect
size for 'on the go' pincushion!!!   The other two were made by my Mom.
She had a yard of fabric + the designs were cut and sewn into pincushions.   She embellished
with quilting, beads, etc.   I use them ALL THE TIME.

Ok, time for YOU to share yours ; )


Mary said...

They are all lovely!

Dawn said...

Beautiful! I have tried to add one pin cushion picture to most of my posts. Hmmm....gathering them all up might be...incriminating. I LOVE THEM.
Yours are wonderful!!

pinsandneedles said...

Love your little wool cupcake! So cute...

barbara said...

LOVE your stitching, Lelia!

beth said...

Look at all that cross stitching! Wonderful!

Alicia said...

You have a lot of embroidered pincushions, o love all of them!

Alicia said...

You have a lot of embroidered pincushions, o love all of them!

Patty C. said...

Beautiful collection

lindaroo said...

Your cross stitch treasures are so sweet! And I'm jonesing for one of those "Stick it here!" porcupines.

Unknown said...

This parade has been so much fun! I LOVE all your cross stitch! The pin cube is too precious and I like the cute purple cup cake too! Thanks for sharing!!


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