Wednesday, July 28, 2010

some finishing going on ...

The Victoria Sampler
Level Three - Satin Stitch
The Learning Collection
c.2000 Thea Dueck

I used some beautiful dyed ribbon from Pat Winter. The color perfect & I thought it turned out well.

These heart shapes are such a challenge for me. After I put the front & back together - the ribbon was gathered & stitched into place.

If you are interested in Pat's ribbons, check out her
Etsy or
Artfire on-line shops.

Her products are top notch & the ribbons are fantastic.
The best ribbons I've ever used.

A Sampler Pinkeep
c.2002 The Heart's Content, Inc.
Maureen Appleton

This is stitched over one thread (miniature stitching). Again, I used dyed ribbon from Pat Winter to edge this itty bitty pinkeep.

A special thx to Cathy B blogging at
With Needle & Thread
for sending me an e-mail (back in 2009) explaining
how she makes pinkeeps! Came in handy today.

The ribbon that was with this kit didn't really match the fiber color. I was delighted at how easy this ribbon was to work with.

The biggest challenge was ending the ribbon - trying to make it look good. Oh well, did the best I could.


Moreen said...

Lovely work and your ribbon looks great.

nima said...

wow...that looks lovely

Mary said...

Both finishes are wonderful. The ribbon is quite lovely and you did a great job with the edging.

Sally said...

Your finishes are absolutely gorgeous! I really struggle with heart shapes.

Lov the ribbon.

TinaTx said...

You did a great job - they look great!

Terri said...

Your finishing is wonderful, love it!

Christine said...

Your heart if beautiful! This makes me want to go back through all of my older samplers and readjust parts to use in a heart shape! Great job on the finishing!

Paisley said...

Beautiful work! The ribbon looks so pretty!

Brigitte said...

Your seem to be on a real finishing frenzy. Gorgeous results!

Jackie said...

Your finishing is just beyond gorgeous!

Deanne J said...

Beautiful finishes, I love the ribbon.

KarenV said...

They're both lovely and the ribbons are perfect!

Doris said...

beautiful work.

mainely stitching said...

VERY beautiful finishing, Lelia! How's the fair circuit going??

Patti said...

Your finishing is just superb! Wish you lived in England could teach me. I'm chronically bad at it. Maybe you could come over for a vacation!
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishing Leila!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finish! I love the ribbon detail.

Solstitches said...

Both of these are just lovely!
You did a beautiful job on both the stitching and finishing.
Thanks for the link on where to buy the ribbon.



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