Friday, January 20, 2012

Beading -- Part Two

I have no idea how these were created - GF Debbie made them
for me.   There is a dark pearl in the center and beautiful bead work
sewn around.   (can you tell I don't know 'bead speak').   Stunning!!!!

Is this a beautiful crystal bracelet?   Oh, when I wear
it - the sparkle is dazzling!!!   Made by GF Debbie.
(who has a lot of beading talent!!!)

Another awesome earring set.   They are pearl-like chips
with beautiful crystals!   Fun to wear and I appreciate 
my beading friends who share their creations.
These were made by Candice.   

Thx so much!   I adore all my new treasures ; )

1 comment:

CathyR said...

I, too, have minimal beading experience so I really appreciate the talent of others. such gorgeous gifts you received!


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