Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meadow Dance by Amanda Murphy

Benartex ---  Isn't this a beautiful collection of fabric?   Meadow Dance is by Amanda Murphy.      I saw it on a Benartex blog post and starting swooning (link here).    And, then there was the 'blog hop' ...   with all the inspirations.    I thought this pocket wall hanging was AWESOME.   So many delightful and colorful ideas for using this collection of fabric.   

  Later .... While browsing my e-mail .... I read this:   "You were selected as a winner in the Meadow Dance blog hop on Benartex’s blog by commenting at the 

   And then, the package arrived!   Thank you, thank you. 

  The fabric is stunning.   I'm so over-the-moon with the fabrics sent from this collection.   I've unfolded, folded, stacked -- moved them around.    Oh, the possibilities!!!   I'm still thinking bags; however, there are so many 'fat quarter' patterns to choose from ; )

 Lucky me ; )         


Brigitte said...

These fabrics are fantastic, great colours and designs. Lucky you!

Tammy said...

Nice fabby stash!


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