Monday, August 14, 2006

Red-Tail Hawk / Progress Report

I phoned our vet this a.m. I was told the Hawk was handed over to a "rehaber" & the vet was in surgery -- call back in an hour. An hour later, I called & was told the Hawk was doing WELL. The vet put the Hawk into the hands of a good rehaber & they thought it would be released in TWO WEEKS. The vet said we did good bringing it in. I'm really happy to hear that news today.


Anonymous said...

Brava! Well done, Lelia. You saved a precious, valuable life. :) I'm so glad that the hawk is going to make it. Wonderful!

Chelle said...

That is great news!! I love hawks, and thanks to you this one will be ok. Awesome!

Von said...

I'm finally catching up with your blog, Lelia, and so grateful that you were able to get the hawk into the vet and he's going to be fine! Yay!!


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