Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lake County Fair

This was my favorite entry -- and I wasn't awarded a sweepstakes rosette ... maybe next year!

My Entries:

Handicrafts I

Holiday Decoration
720 Paper: Bell Ringer Santa (Mill Hill Kit) 1st
726 Not Specified Above: Bargello Stocking / freebie 2nd

Handicrafts II

853 Bead Work (glass): Scarf Ring 3rd

860 Plastic: Beaded Button 2nd
861 Bead Glass: Braclet 2nd
862 Metal: Beaded Button 3rd

Needlecraft II

Counted Cross Misc
1118 Miniature Item: Eliza's Pyn Pillow / freebie 3rd
1120 Pillow: Betsey's Butterfly 1st
1121 Pulled Thread: Original Design 1st
1122 Table Cloth/Runner: Sampler Tabletopper 1st
1123 Not Specified Above: Two Pinkeeps 1st

Photos: here

Tori's friend picked up a kitten yesterday; however, brought it back this morning. She had an allergic reaction & couldn't keep it. Sorry to hear that. Sue D is coming in a couple hours to pick out a couple kittens & the rest will go to the Humane Society on Thursday. I hope they are all adopted out this week-end.


Anonymous said...

Great work and placements, Lelia! You did really well, though I don't think some of your pieces did as well as they should have. But then, I'm a little bit biased. ;)

Chelle said...

Wow, more ribbons! That's awesome! I love your pulled thread pillow, it is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Nice pieces and placements. Congrats.

Susimac said...

Congrats on your placements you have done some beautiful work.

Von said...

Congrats on your excellent work and the ribbons too. :D

I think just getting your things entered in the fair is quite an accomplishment - something I hope to do someday!


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