Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Ornament Meme

Our Honey checking out the tree decs

I saw this on Anna's Blog, and now that Tori chose the ornaments & has our family tree decorated, thought it would be fun to share:
How many angel ornaments do you have hanging on your tree? Three.How many star ornaments do you have?None, some ornaments do have stars on them, none are specifically stars. Do you have a theme tree, and if so, what is it? No. Since we are planting this tree after Christmas, we try to put only light-weight ornaments on.How many Santa ornaments? Four. How many ornaments were handmade by you or your children? Six. Are there any food ornaments on your tree? Several!!! As Tori is a Dietetics Major, she has received several 'food' ornaments.Are there any ornaments that betray your origins, i.e. where you're from? Yes, an Indiana University Ornament.What's the oldest ornament on your tree?This ornament was given to us when we were dating (1980) & was made by my Father-in-Law. At the time, it was popular to purchase styrofoam shapes & decorate with sequins, beads, pins.What ornament do you have that is the least likely to be hanging on someone else's tree?This ornament was made by my Father-in-Law for us in 1985.And finally, do you have any new ornaments this year? No. This is one of my favorite stitched ornaments that I've made & kept for our family -- I just couldn't part with it : )
It is interesting which decorations she chose to place on the tree. If I had been picking & choosing, I probably would have selected different ones. I realize I have several made by my Mom. In addition to our tree, I put some ornaments on the railing with the stockings. Most are needlework or small toys:
And, how could I not make mention the ornaments received from NANI friends?
Made by NANI friend Beverly B
Made by NANI friend Janet C
Made by NANI friend Chris R


mainely stitching said...

Your FIL is very talented!

Love the pretty pictures, and I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful day together!

Daffycat said...

I really enjoyed your meme because of the pictures in your answers!

Denise Powers Kissel said...

Wow...looking at your ornaments I realized what a transition year this was for me. I had decided when my children were growing up that I would buy them ornaments every year and when they had their own families I would give them those ornaments from my tree that were bought for them. THIS was that year, so a lot of the ornaments you asked about in the meme are no longer on my children are getting older...but NOT ME. :) Nice post!!! Denise in Akron, Ohio.


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