Sunday, October 29, 2006


Very kewl, stitched up last Monday's project. Managed to complete this before 10/31!

For this week, I selected French Country Pear [Dec JCS mag]; however, I am trying to figure out what type of linen will look good with Week's Dye Works - color Curry. I'm not sure what I have on hand will work. Maybe I need natural linen?? Anybody have any ideas? Better set it aside until I find something that will work.

SPECIFICS: French Country Pear materials, per JCS, are 11x9 30-ct White Swan Linen from Access Commodities w/WDW Curry [stitching over 2 threads] AND 9x8 18-count ivory linen from Wichelt w/GAST Gold Leaf [stitching over 1 thread]

For MIOM - 10/30, I'm going stitch Blackbird Designs Country Garden on 32 ct Sand Belfast linen. I've got the overdye fibers ready. This should be really fun to work on :D

Thank you for all comments & e-mails. Esp the comments on Nick's project. He is doing a wonderful job. As for questions: Yes, the face is stitched over one thread. He is 16yo. I don't remember when he bought the kit. He has been working on it for awhile - my guess is that he bought it in the Spring. I'll have to ask him tomorrow.

ANSWER per Nicholas: The kit was purchased March 7, 2006 from the sale bin at Hobby Lobby. It was marked down to $14.00. Nicholas is our 16yo son. His progress photos are posted thru this blog since March & I started a photo album for his project [link in sidebar]


KarenV said...

All your recent finishes look wonderful! I particularly like the Red Desert Scissor pocket. Nick's stitching is fabulous too - you should both be very proud!

Fabric for the pear design with WDW Curry - I think Natural or Summer Khaki would work well; basically anything with a brown or green tinge, maybe Putty or even Platinum if you want to go lighter. You realise that I'm now going to have to buy the mag, as I love these designs and I have some Curry in my stash LOL!

Anita said...

Your LK piece is very pretty.
The pattern Pear is another cute one, and I don't have any suggestion since I am not great with colors.

Sue said...

Great finish.

KarenV said...

Me again - just another suggestion - I have a scrap of "Dirty" Edinburgh in my stash which really makes the thread (Curry) pop, so I think I'm going for that if it works once I start stitching.

Carol said...

Way to go! Looks so cute! Not sure what linen would go well with curry... hmm.... maybe use a different floss?

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What an adorable little halloween finish! Great job:)

Barbara said...

Great!!! Happy Halloween!!

Carto said...

Hi Leila! Love the 'October' design - I love L*K designs, they're such a joy to stitch x Hope you and yours are well and happy, and well done Nick for persevering, great job! :)

stitcherw said...

Wow, Nick is doing great on his project. I'm constantly amazed at how well he does, and how he sticks to it. It is such a huge project, he really must be able to stay focused.

Your LK piece is very cute, I love LK's stuff. I have her Beware of Cat pocketbook kit that I finished awhile ago but still need to do the finishing on. While I love to stitch I hate to finish, so things have a habit of sitting around for awhile. I found a tutorial for flatfolds a little bit ago, and think I will finish it off that way.


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