Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This is a bookmark using Myreshka (Ukrainian Drawn Work Technique)

I took a class by Jane Ellen Balzuweit in September of 2001. Her contact information here.

(Front of Bookmark. As always, click on the photograph to view detail.) The person I was with received permission to teach this to our local EGA chapter.

It is my understanding this technique usually is done in white & off white fibers.
(Back of Bookmark.) I made some examples, for the class, using other colors so the students could have a better idea of working the fibers. I sent those samples to Cathy for the Bookmarks for Literacy outreach program her chapter is doing.

This photo shows bookmarks made with dmc Perle Cotton AND Rainbow Gallery Overture + Encore! color #128.

Cathy was interested in this technique. I found some pictures, instructions, diagrams & definitions on line. Check out these links:

Diagrams, instructions, samples

Diagrams, instructions, pictures, samples

Wikipedia Info



Lisa said...

Beautiful bookmarks! I'll be adding this technique to my list of things to learn.

Anna van Schurman said...

Lovely bookmarks. I think I've done something similar, based on the wiki. I also like the little Blackbird Design. Love the colors!

Jenna said...

They're gorgeous, Lelia! You're so talented. :) I'm avoiding clicking on the links for now... ;)

shortoldlady said...

Thanks for the lovely photos and links. I've passed on my request to my local EGQ to see if someone knows this technique and would be willing to teach it. Those bookmarks are lovely!

Vonna said...

Love the bookmarks and their colors!

Von said...

This is a very intriguing technique, Lelie - thanks for sharing all the info. :D

Cathy said...

I had no idea what kind of stitching it was - this is really interesting! Thanks for all of the links. I'm going to try to look at these over the weekend!

mj said...

This technique looks like fun...i`ll be learning how to do this the coloured thread...

Yvette Stanton said...

Hi Lelia,

Yes, you are right. Merezhka is normally whitework. Using colours as you have done creates a lovely effect.

Yvette Stanton
Vetty Creations, Sydney Australia
Author of "Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery: Merezhka Poltavska"


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