Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pine Cushion

This is part of A Stitch in Pine. The cushion uses all the specialty stitches which are in the larger sampler. This is excellent. I get the chance to practice! Last night I practiced the corner eyelet, pin stitch, and mosaic stitch.

The other stitches used are: Queen stitch, Diamond stitch, 4-sided stitch, Smyrna cross, Continental stitch & Diamond Eyelet. Kewl.

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy the radio? The Justin Timberlake song is playing now. I guess with the teenagers in the house, I find myself singing along, mindlessly, memorizing the words to all these crazy tunes. Isn't that odd? A 48yo SAHM singing "bringing sexy back". I wonder what the neighbors think? Yeah, yeah, I like other music too -- like classical, blues, rock, folk, etc. Music makes me happy.


KarenV said...

The speciality stitches are fun, aren't they! I just have one more tree to do and then it's on to the alphabet and borders. I think I'll stitch the cushion too - it's so cute!

Shelleen said...

I love music as well. 80s hair bands are my favorite plus some of the newer rock bands. My 14 year old son even borrows my CDs of 80s music and has gone to 2 concerts with me: Aerosmith this past summer and Def Leppard last summer. If I was your neighbor I would think you are normal and by the way i am a 41 year old rocking mama LOL.

Concetta said...

Your ASIP is looking gorgeous... I especially can't wait to see the extra "tree" when you stitch it. I had the button, but I debated whether to stitch the extra tree instead - those specialty stitches are addictive. :)


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