Monday, August 20, 2007

My Lake Co Fair Results, Part Three

Ok, since I've been asked ... yes, the fairs can be a fun thing to participate in. Each fair does things a bit differently. I am not sure how to locate the fairs in different geographical areas. I am certain some fairs have limitations, like "have to be a resident of the county", "have to be 18 or older", etc. Those guidelines are clearly stated in the premium booklets. I enjoy putting entries into the variety of categories. I do this for fun, to meet new stitchers, chat with stitching buddies, and try to inspire others to pick up their needles & fibers. By my nature, I'm not a competitive person. It doesn't matter about who wins what, what the judge does (or does not do!), crabbing about the judging is all part of the fair experience. My goal is to get some extra $$ to cover my annual EGA national, regional & chapter dues -- and, SAN-Q magazine subscription. Each ribbon has cash awards: $5.00 for 1st, $4.00 for 2nd, $3.00 for 3rd. If I ever am awarded a sweepstakes rosette or grand champion ribbon for my stitching, I'd probably faint! My stitching projects are usually items I enjoy doing and there are tons more stitchers out there creating more challenging projects than mine.

Buzz My Grapes Tabletopper and Bellpull
Designed by Claudia Dutcher, Dutch Treat Designs, c.2000

I used DMC perle Coton #5 553, 327, 840 (2 skeins), 801, 729, 2052 (4 skeins); DMC perle Coton #12 3042 nun edge. I added bee buttons ... which is not recommended by C.Dutcher b/c they may get in the way of whatever you are placing on top of the tabletopper. I added them anyhow b/c I don't usually place items where I sewed on the buttons. Now, does that make sense? The buttons are Item #JAB-1101W from Just Another Button Company, Distributed by Norden Crafts, Ltd.

The Sanctuary
c.C.A. Zittel, The Drawn Thread, 2001

I joined a Stitch-Along Group for this project, sponsored by House of Stitches. We were taught the variety of stitches (I think 26-27 stitches) by Sharon Henderson. The group met monthly from 2004/Nov thru 2005/August. Between you & me, I would not have been able to do this without Sharon's assistance. She was able to show us the stitches, provide tips, and continue to encourage us along the way!
Design 170 W x 222 L. I used Weeks Dye Works Bordeaux, Cadet & Thyme. 21 colors of Anchor Floss [which I won't list here!]. I stitched this on 32-count lambswool linen. The photo angle is odd b/c of the glass.

Tiny Stuff: Flying Hare Pin/Ornament
c.1997 Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance Ltd.

This pin is stitched with Anchor Floss #374, 1001, 359, 905, 862, 852 - on Zweigart 28-coung Cashel Raw Linen. The three small charms are available from Homespun Elegance. I confess to be a Homespun Elegance junkie. And it all started with the Tiny Stuff patterns. I probably own them all -- the small cards, Tiny Stuff I-II-III. I tend to stitch the Tiny Stuff ones [no telling why] more than the larger Homespun Elegance pattern leaflets. I keep all the small cards together in a cosmetic case, with linen, floss, charms ... in my car!! [sigh] nuf said.

Bargello Candles Stocking
A design by Lois Caron published in McCalls Needlework December 1977
Freebie on the Caron Web Site

I used Watercolour Far Horizons + Rose Quartz, Caron Snow, gold Kreinik metallic & DMC #5 Perle Cottons (bright pink & white) on 25-count white Lugana.

Congrats to Deb L for the Best-of-Show rosette on her L&L Angel. I saw the pattern she is using for next Summer -- another gorgeous design : ) In addition to Deb, congrats to the other NANI ladies who entered in Lake & Porter Co Fairs -- Carol C, Mary C, Sue D, & Elaine H. Looking forward to having Melody M add some entries next year.

The Stitcher's Garage Sale, held on Saturday, was wonderful. I'm not sure how much money was raised for the American Heart Association. Wish more people would have stopped by. More on that in another post.

Thx for all the kind words re. our power issue & the storms, etc. We had more storms last night & still have our power on. We are fortunate as others are without power again ... or without power still. I heard 3200 without power in Lake Co & 500 without power in Porter Co.


Vonna said...

Lelia, I've been amazed, awestruck and simply astounded at the quantity of needlework you had entered in the fair. The beauty of each item is terrific, in my book you deserve...the super grand champion stitching award!

Lauren said...

Wow! Congratulations again! What do you do with all your ribbons?

Lavender Rose said...

Love to see your work and your ribbons, Lelia! Congratulations. I also enjoy hearing about the fairs and your entry processes. I don't know anything about State fairs. Show us some pictures of the entry displays sometime!
I'm enjoying your blog so much.

Susimac said...

Oh Brilliant - Congratulations on your wins they are so worth it! I think your stitching is really lovely. Congratulations again.

tkdchick said...

Wow! Congrats on all your ribbons that's amazing!

Karin said...

Gorgeous fair entries! Congrats on all of your ribbons - you definitley earned them

Becky K said...

Your entries are all Grand Champions in my judge book. All are absolutely perfect. Congrats on your ribbons.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on all your awards.Very well deserved! Your projects are all beautiful.

Heidi said...

Very pretty! You entered so much, wow! Congrats on getting all those ribbons.

Myrna said...

All lovelies, GF!!!

Chelle said...

WOWZER! Congrats, my friend! Each project is more beautiful than the last. You rock!

Solstitches said...

I came here for inspiration having just picked up my Sanctuary UFO after a few years of it having languished untouched in a bag.
Yours is just beautiful and has spurred me on to want to work on it.
I know this is an old post but congratulations on those ribbons which were well deserved!


Solstitches said...
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