Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stitching in Hand

This is the start of Prairie Schooler's freebie, from their web site. Located HERE. I am using two strands of DMC floss on 32-count Lambswool linen.

When I am stitching in hand, I don't use a laying tool. I railroad the stitches. Bring your floss up thru the back & place your needle in between the two strands. Pull the needle thru to start first half of your x.

Come up again thru the back to complete your x. Place the needle in between the 2 strands of floss.

Pull floss

This is usually what it looks like right before I tighten the stitch

Ta Da

Generally, I like to stitch rows top to bottom & usually stitch one "x" at a time. Many of my friends stitch rows from left to right, make 1/2 the cross stitch going left & they return going right to complete all the x's.

To decrease tangled fibers I like to run my fibers over Thread Heaven. If you are not familiar with this product -- go to the link!!

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Vonna said...

I railroad!! I also use Thread Heaven too! :) Great minds and all that...


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