Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blame this on Marjorie ...

Yes, yes, yes -- it is all HER fault. Marjorie (Moonsilk Stitches Blog) has a Giveaway on her blog. A Judy Whitman pattern, linen banding, button, the whole project ready to send to some lucky stitcher.

... and, it looked so familiar to me, like I already had that pattern ... or something like it -- and I just HAD to find it ...

Treasured Tools Sewing Case (Kit)
designs c. 2001 by Linda Stolz dba Erica Michaels

I really must stitch more -- this is the motif on the back
And, I know exactly why I put it aside -- the petite size beads didn't show up & I was thinking to try using the regular size Mill Hill beads.
I bought it when it first came out -- mainly because I liked the brass key charms & the idea that our scissors, needles, etc were "treasured tools".

Thx for the get-well wishes, e-mails -- I think I'm turning the corner. Feel more energetic tonight.

Don't forget to swing by marjorie's blog for a chance to win her prize. I think she is accepting comments until the end of February.

- - - - - - - - -

I think I made a big mistake. My boyz wanted to buy an i-pod for me. (as a gift) I told them, "no, save your money".
But, now, I'm seriously thinking to get one. I really love music (all kinds) and like the way you can just download certain songs without listening to (or fast forwarding thru) songs on CDs that are kinda boring.
I'm such a fossil, I sill enjoy listening to the older pop-rock stuff from the 70s -- remember my first Robin Trower concert like it was last week. I realize I'm showing my age now! My i-pod mix would confuse anybody who picked it up ... classical (esp Beethoven), new age, old guitar rock, fav songs from cassettes & CDs.
I might even need a docking station!


Daffycat said...

Ooo, yes! Get that iPod! I love, LOVE mine...it is so nice to have all my favorite music in one tiny little box, plus a few TV shows and movies. It is also nice to get music from iTunes and only have to pay for the songs you like!

Kim B said...

What a great little project!

I love my iPod. I sit and listen to PodCasts while I stitch :)

mainely stitching said...

I'm really glad you're starting to feel better! Thanks for the emails, btw - as usual, my responses were flung into cyberspace, but I did thank you. ;)

Odd you should mention music/iPods. For years now, I've barely paid attention to music (outside of my blues & jazz collection) but I've recently begun wishing I could listen more to music. I just don't want to expose the kids to some of the lyrics! ;0

Doris said...

the ipod,is a wonderful gift, i love it!!!, all my music,in one litle machine, not in several cds,and dvs..etc.

the needle traesure,,is lovely.

Kathy A. said...

Lelia - let them buy you an IPod. I have one and don't know how I ever got along without it.

Jennifer said...

Get the iPod. My DH bought me one and I loved it so much, I went out and got one for him for his birthday. And now when we have a baby, we're going to get them their own little iPod so I can put lullabyes and such on it and not have to worry about sharing MY iPod. LOL

If you just want it for music and other audio, Amazon has the 8G nano on sale for $133. You can get quite a bit of music on there, but to be fair, I can easily fill up a 60G with all the stuff I've amassed (the library is a wonderful place for expanding your music collection!)

TattingChic said...

Oh, an iPod how cool! I would really like one, too. I just got a car that you can plug your iPod into the car stereo!!! So, I better get an iPod, too, right??? LOL!

Your stitching project looks very nice. Thanks for the tip; I'm heading over to Marjorie's right now! :)

Brigitte said...

This will be a wonderful sewing case. I love the motifs and the shape of it.

CindyMae said...

That is a really cute piece. I love it!
If you really enjoy listening to music, get the iPod!!! It is so worth it!!

Von said...

I love my ipod and would certainly encourage you to get one, Le! Not only for the music, but podcasts are great fun and I also put audio books on it to listen to while I stitch or do laundry, etc. :)

Solstitches said...

I haven't seen this design before - love it!
I shall look forward to seeing your finish.



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