Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stitching on Card Stock

For some time, I have been interested in experimenting - trying something differernt.

And, there are some interesting pinterest ideas about making matchbook-style needlebooks.    Of course, there are tutorials, which explain how to make them.    Yet, late at night, when the computer is in another room (where DH is sleeping), I just kind of winged it.

I used Recollections brand, Bookmarks, from Michael's (these are 'Primary", I also have "Speckled" - an ivory card stock).   There are 50 precut cards in a package, for around $3 or $4 (depending on the coupon).    I took a matchbook out of the kitchen drawer and folded the bottom, and folded two places at the top.

Some of the matchbooks I've seen on line have one fold at the top; however, I really wanted this to look like a matchbook + wanted the needles to have 'room' without getting squished.   Perhaps only one fold is needed.   I thought two looked ok.

Then, I grabbed graph paper.    I drew out some possible designs,trying to keep them diamond shaped on the outside.   With a lace tool, needle pricker, I put the holes in the paper (which was easier than I previously thought).  

Of course, with spool of DMC metallic thread in hand (then found some Kreinik braid), I sorta skipped the design and just used the holes to 'stitch'.   I had five different designs stitched with the same holes in the card stock.    Then, did a basic diamond with lots of criss crossing.   (which DD said looked the best).    They take about a yard of metallic thread / matchbook cover.

I have some felt in the wardrobe, and can get the pieces cut for the inside, and also a new stapler -- with jam proof staples (did you know there was such a thing?).  

The plan is to make up all the cards and send them to South Paw Stitcher.   Some to be used at the NANI workshop on September 8th (if Southpaw Stitcher says they are a good match with her triangle boxes), and some to be sold at the Boutique in November.     I hope the colors are ok, and if not, the off white card stock should match up with just about anything.

Meanwhile, I have oodles of ideas, never enough free time, and hope to be able to pull this off in a week!


CathyR said...

Hiya Lelia, I love what you did with the matchbook covers.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

The matchbook covers look fantastic! Since the ort bags are so many different colors, there is a bag that will match all of the matchbooks shown in your photo! Thanks so much!


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