Sunday, July 13, 2014

Received in the post ...

What fun - Halloween designs in July..... a recent prize from Sandra Sullivan's giveaway via her web site + Facebook page.     I am so lucky!!!!     I went thru my fibers and HE charms and think I have most of the colors.   I may need to invest in a couple star/pumpkin charms.   

AND, if you like bunny things, you might enjoy seeing the hand made shuttles from Carollyn.   They are so lovely.   Not sure I want to use them for tatting - may just enjoy looking at them!!!   Carollyn blogs at Carollyn's Tatting Blog.  

Wonderful package - such an artist!


cucki said...

Wow congrats dear
Enjoy them all xx

Madtatter80 said...

Oh thanks for posting the little rabbits and the pictures of all the items are really cute, love the stitching and thread holders too! This is all a good reminder of a holiday that is not too far away:)

Carol said...

What great charts--you'll have lots of great stitching time with those!


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