Saturday, August 22, 2015

... continued Stitches Midwest

This was the last booth we visited -- the first day --- and the first booth we visted the 2nd day.    DD + I really liked the yarns - and the projects knitted up on display.   I noticed a lovely wrap with beads.   It is Boo Knits, Fragile Hearts.   DD selected the yarn.   The color yarn is called Galato Shop - Destination Yarn.     The lovely wrap [photo from book] pattern is in Sunday Drive by Kate Jackson.   Yep - bought the book + author autographed!  

I am grateful to the staff of Yarn Culture [from Fairport, NY] and their ultimate patience!!!   The first day, DD & I visited this booth.   Their yarns, displays, patterns were spectacular.   And, I wanted to make a lace wrap - even had the pattern downloaded from Ravelry.   Didn't know what yarn or needles I should use.   So, came back the next day with my pattern & got oodles of help selecting yarn, brief tutorial on 'ply' of yarns, types of yarns, types of yarns for wraps.   So helpful.   I ended up with Titus, 4-ply in a color called Whispering Grass!   Machine washable - imagine that?   I had needles, so gave the pattern a test drive with Patons / from JoAnn sale bin.   It is a little different to knit, think I am getting the hang of it.    DD also has some new yarn and a pattern - very plush yarn skeins [2 skeins].   Looking forward to knitting this wrap.

This was a kit I purchased at the LYDIA yarn booth [Luxury Yarn Dyed in America].    I admit, it was really - really - really - a challenge to choose just ONE.   The colors were beautiful.   I don't have anything this cheerful, so, picked it out.   Nice kit with yarn, pattern, bag, Jasmine wash.    I didn't own any size 5 needles.   Walked down the row of booths + stopped at Blue Ridge Needleart.   Selected beautiful Moon Lantern needles.   Wow - so nice to use!   Giving the needles and sale-bin yarn a test drive - I think I've got the pattern rows knitted.   Really a pretty pattern IMO.   It is Angela's Dream Scarf - link HERE.

Oh My ... this yarn.  From the North American Suri Company.    I could have 'pet' the projects Liz had on display [and yarn] all day long.     Saw so much in each booth - but, this one I HAD to go back and buy.   And of course, couldn't find the booth until noon!!!  DD didn't have to twist my arm too much.    It is incredible soft Suri.   This is a skein & a half.    I took a bunch of photos as the color is kinda hard to see .... thinking Autumn/Winter scarf -- yarn so pretty, I need to take my time choosing a pattern.

Another, incredible yarn was Llama.  I bought this on day one - with no clue what I'd make with the sport weight.   Ea is 190 yds.   Initially, the photos on the business cards caught DD's eye.  The ladies were so nice to us, gave us a couple cards.  From Roving Acres L.L.C. booth.    While DD was enjoying the lamb photos --- I was into a small bowl on display, and pulled these two off the bottom.   Rich.   Exotic.   Autmnal.    

These beautiful yarns were in the 2nd booth we visited on day one, another crafty girl.  And, selling quickly.   I wasn't quite sure about making socks - haven't taken a class yet.   As we ventured into other booths, I saw limitless possibilities for these beautiful yarns.   So, day 2, we were back - and I chose these [middle one colors my MIL would like].   Also in the booth were beautiful things from by Jelby and woolpierogi.   Check out the etsy stores.    

Following our 2nd shopping day - we stopped at Mitsuwa for carry-outs and headed home.   What fun.... and we have projects for the next 5 years!!! 

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