Friday, July 15, 2005

Turns my Brain ....

"She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain"
Louisa May Alcott

Sarah Ban Breathnach writes: "Virginia Woolf believed that when we women who read too much arrive at the pearly gates carrying our beloved books with us, the Almighty will tell St. Peter: "Look, these need no reward. We have nothing to give them here. They have loved reading.

Between reading & needlework, I can cope with anything!! My two vices!! They turn MY brain towards the positive energy needed to make it thru each day. For those irksome, irritating obstacles in life, I have this little voice which whispers "Please, give me strength" and when my patience is short the voice whispers a little longer line, and says: Please, give me strength to make it thru the day" When I'm rocking toward the edge, and want to roar, it says: "Yeah, I know you are busy up there, Hey -- I don't ask for much". And wink-wink, I turn to reading and stitching. Guess somebody was listening after all ....

Thank you creative needle ; ) my finishing yesterday was pretty good .... the three kittens came out better than expected. smallish & difficult to line up the edges; however, too cute when done. I put three of them in a tiny basket (found at JoAnn Fabric Store) with a red fabric. Made a braid with red floss & dmc metallic floss. The pyn keep pattern by Ellen Chester is lovely. The stitching over-one (magnifier inventor is a genius) and I didn't adjust her motif very much. I used 4 ribbon pieces for lacing the edges together & made small bows in the corners -- didn't finsh like the model (pictured on-line). The finishing idea came from the front cover of a Fine Lines magazine. When ever I'm stitching over one -- there are no mistakes, no ripping out, just 'pattern adjustments' How creative.

today, after dropping off a form in Lake County -- running 5 errands -- I'm working on my canvas box lid until it is done. Or until my eyes dry up in my head. This thing has got to work. It has to look nice. I should just stick with linen!!

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