Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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Received more of the Mystery Sampler: lessons 3,4,5 of 15. I finished Lesson 3&4 + still working on Lesson V (four-sided stitch, letters J-R.) They are really fun to stitch. The dividing bands are in herringbone, reversible cross stitch & satin stitches

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Mystery Sampler .... so far .... Designer is Jana P. Kerr. Pattern is being published in NeedleArts magazine.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comc.1998 C.A.Zittel, The Drawn Thread. Linen & Lace 110x110. Stitched on 32count linen with needlepoint silks. (holiday gift!!!) If the weather cooperates, I'm going to House of Stitches for a Sudberry Box -- ooooh this will be soooo pretty.


BeckySC said...

Hey GF!!!
Your project is looking GREAT :)

Been missing you :)

hugs :)

Isabelle said...

Wow, Lelia that is so lovely!

KarenV said...

The bellpull looks great so far and I LOVE Linen and Lace! I must order some fabric so I can start mine :)

Barbara said...

Great WIPs!!

Carol said...

I love your Mystery Sampler - looks fun!! And Linen & Lace... oh so delicate and pretty! I really like the coverage you are getting with the silk.

Von said...

Wonderful projects! You're making great progress :)

Susimac said...

This is going to be bautifukl when you've finished it, thanks for the progress updates.

AnneS said...

Wow, you've stitched the latest instalments of the Mystery Sampler super quick! It's looking really great :) It's probably a good thing I never got started on mine - now I'm pulling out of EGA, I won't be getting Needlearts anymore :( I can still watch yours grow, though, and see what the final version looks like :))

Cathy said...

I just received my Needle Arts in the mail yesterday and will need to update my mystery sampler. Yours looks great!

Linen and Lace is beautiful too - I've always liked Drawn Thread designs.

cathymk said...

Gorgeous work, Leila! The mystery sampler is looking wonderful.

Jenna said...

Way to go, girl! Lightning fast needles going there. :) Hey, when is Tori coming home for Christmas and how long will she be home.

La Natole said...

so nice! I stitched it too, and now, it's on a box, here:
you'll have pleasure to stitch!


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