Thursday, January 12, 2006

Check this out

Please check out Myrna's blogger & Xanga sites. She finished a beautiful LHN project you should not miss!

XS Addict

XS Addict Goals

Myrna's Xanga

My needles are parked & I am taking a stitching break for awhile. I have some nice selections from the public library & am enjoying some leisure reading time. Lelia's Xanga


Jenna said...

Have fun relaxing with your reading! Looks like you're tearing through some really good books. :)

Myrna said...

Leila: Thanks so much for linking my blog in your post! And for your very kind words! I truly appreciate it.


AnneS said...

I think we all need to recharge the batteries every now and then ... and what perfect way than with a few good books (my second love) :) {{enjoy}}

Nancy in IL said...

Enjoy you reading. I love to read too, but I just can't fit in everything. Sometime I need to do just what you're doing---take a break and slow down to read and enjoy. Will look forward to your return when you're sated ;-)

Chelle said...

Enjoy your break! That's one of the best things about needlework - it is always there waiting for you when you are ready for it. :o)


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