Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogger Beta

OK, I'm just "new". I wanted to put comments on Pam's Blog & in reality opened up a blogger beta .... Not sure what the differences are between blogger & blogger beta -

How much fun can I have in a morning. I need some hot tea.

My new account is

Stitches of Life II.

So, if I'm logged in to one or the other ... I hope the comments show up and not VANISH into cyber universe.


Chelle said...

I haven't been brave enough to switch my "main" blog but I've been thinking of reworking my "secret squirrel" blog. Maybe I'll switch that one and see how it goes. Might be a good test drive for switching TT.

Jenna said...

Oh no, you aren't going to make me keep up with you in two different places, are you? ;)


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