Friday, September 15, 2006

"Honey Bunny"

Mrs. Mom Cat is a difficult animal to photograph. She is either constantly on the move, hiding, or sleeping. She had her surgery 9/6 & her incision is healing. Not being used to the indoors, she is a riot to watch. She has learned how to open cabinet doors. When I go looking for her, I look close to the floor & at times only see her nose & whiskers sticking out from beneath something [ie bed, wardrobe, etc].

Her favorite spot in the house is on top of my desk ... yes, where I stitch. A close second is my chair -- where I stitch. I have been meticulous about not leaving any needles out. When I stitch, she jumps on my lap & the desk top. She lays on top of everything & paws my fingers until I give her some attention. When I try to read, or page thru a magazine -- she lays on top of the pages.

She has learned to prowl when the dogs are sleeping. She has learned to tiptoe around Button (the 19 year old cat who despises her presence). She figured out quickly that Nikki thinks she is the cat's meow. AND, she adores my husband. He is her favorite human in this household.


Chelle said...

Sounds like the kitty wars are calming down a little bit. I'm enjoying the pictures, keep them coming!

Jenna said...

She is so beautiful! And apparently very smart. I'm glad she's fitting in. :)


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