Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How is 'she' doing?

They are getting closer. Gesh. Lots of hissing & swinging of paws. Then, this afternoon [Mom Cat on the right] the pets seem calm. Just tolerating each other. Mom Cat came upstairs while the two dogs were sound asleep. I think Nikki [Tori's cat on the left] has a crush on her. 'She' doesn't really seem to have bonded with the other pets -- or our family members! Yeah, I know. Maybe time will tell. She visits the Vet tomorrow at 8am.


Barbara said...

Hard to encourage kitties to make friends once they're out of kittenhood. Good luck!

Your little finishes lately are adorable!

Chelle said...

Good luck with the peace process! Do you feel like the UN? :o)

Jenna said...

She'll have time while she's recuperating to get adjusted to everyone and everything in the house. If she can tolerate being inside, she'll get used to the rest. :)

Sue said...

All your ornaments are lovely, and the cats are still cute.

Carol said...

Fingers crossed that Mom Cat fits in with the family now :-)


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