Sunday, September 17, 2006

She needs some manners!

here she is checking out DH's training manual & papers.

I admit, she does appear angelic while she sleeps. While she is awake, she is in constant motion -- yesterday, while preparing for dinner, I opened up the refrigerator door & she jumped on the shelf - spun around & looked at me. (meow!)

During our family meal, she would not stop hopping up on the table. Alex finally carried her into our bedroom & closed the door.

This a.m., I was almost finished w/the breakfast dishes & left the room. When I returned, I found her prowling across the counter top -- (I had eaten plain yogurt w/fresh fruit in a bowl) & she licked the dish clean. Now I know she likes yogurt.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Your cat is adorable-she reminds of my cat Kojack who loves to climb on my counters, into my cabinets, dressers and tables.


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