Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Right Bird" Block finished

This is "Right Bird" 35x36. I want to stitch "Left Bird" 35x36 next! LOL. There are 18 block to stitch & I have stitched five.

NEW LIST: I'm considering a new list for my stitching hobby. No, it isn't the oldest WIP in the closet ... I'm thinking to look at WHICH kits + projects cost me the most $$$ and focus on those.

It is three degrees with wind chills ... the boys have early dismissal at school. Then, we run errands. How boring!! DH is planning some days off work, too. Not sure if I'll get any stitching accomplished.

Judy asked me about my doll, Sarah [in the picture]. It is made by Merry Makers, Inc.. I have had Sara several years. Sarah was gift from my SIL, purchased during her trip to Williamsburg, VA.

A year later, My MIL bought me a Betsey doll from Colonial Williamsburg Marketplace mail order catalog, and web site. After a few years, my MIL saw to it that I had them all : )

The collection of dolls are still available. Margaret; Eve; William; Betsey; and Sarah
Picture from web site:


Anonymous said...

Love the bird - you're making great progress!

I'm doing that with my stash, stitching the stuff that cost me most first (or trying to, anyway).

Anna van Schurman said...

That's how I figured it--what had cost me the most money to buy. I have those out so I can see them and feel guilty about not starting them--LOL!

Barbara said...

That's a great bird!

Chelle said...

What a good idea to evaluate WIPs by how much they cost to kit up... I'm going to have to give this some thought! Congrats on finishing another afghan square. Cute bird!

Anonymous said...

Love your bird :)

~Kim~ said...

Wow you are making great progess on your afghan! I love watching it "grow"

Carol said...

You have me laughing - now that is an original way to prioritize your projects! I don't want to do that - I would be stitching Chatelaines forever... sigh... good luck, I am sure you will do well!

Sharon said...

Great progress on the afghan! I am not sure I could tackle one.

Annemarie said...

Love the bird, love the dolls too, which surprises me, cause I'm not a dolly person.
Interesting (and wise) decision to work on the projects that cost the most money! Good luck!

Crazee4books said...

Lelia, regarding kitty in a box..I've been assured by the highest authorities (Rupert and Phoebe) that cats are MEANT to be spoiled!! It's the law actually. So keep up the good work.
I love the afghan you're working on. A nice, snuggly project for these cold winter days.
And those dolls are so pretty. I've got a few more of my own to blog about. Do you like Teddies too? CHeers Judy

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on finishing another block, it is moving right along.


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