Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2008 SALs

I'm pretty excited this morning! The 2008 Group Projects were announced on the With My Needle and Pen Newsletter. They are: Ann Holewll,1699 (from The Examplarery) and the Ackworth Friendship Book (from With My Needle) have been chosen for 2008. Hopefully, the SALs will begin in January.

I'm planning to join one of the SAL groups. If stitchers are interested in joining the group, participating in either SAL, LINK HERE.

Ann Holewll, 1699

Per Newsletter: "Ann's sampler was purchased by Colonial Williamsburg in 1998. To read more about the acquisition, go HERE.
The reproduction is worked in the stitching techniques found on the original: Cross, Double Running, Algerian Eye, and Satin with accents of Chain, Bullion Knots and Double Back Stitch."

More info in links provided. The one I started (back in 2004)... and ruined the linen by basting ... and bought new linen ... will be one of the projects. Yippie Skippie. Now I have some inspiration to get this one out and moving along.
- - - - -

The other 2008 SAL I'll be participating in will be a BOAF called Happy Hearts Sampler. Tobie, Gingham Stitcher Blog, recently finished her sampler. It looks awesome. So far, I have the pattern -- still need fibers and linen. Funness.


Barbara said...

Gorgeous upcoming projects. I love the BOAF, but I'll have to sit out a SAL. I'll enjoy watching your progress, though!!

Suzanne said...

Great samplers, I look forward to seeing you work.

Sue said...

The Holwll Sampler is gorgeous. No doubt it's silks. I'll enjoy following your progress. I keep going back to the BOAF one myself.

Sonnja said...

Beautifel embroidery!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn

Cathy B said...

I just sent a request to join the group! Great info!

I also sent you an email regarding the BOAF Happy Hearts Sampler - I've been wanting to start this one for a long time! Looking forward to getting more info from you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anita said...

Wow those are awesome pieces. Ilove the first one. I am anxious to see your progress soon.

Anonymous said...

all embroiderys are so beautiful!!!!
clob south of france !
thanks to for the MAry Garry's freebie ! i love it !!!!

monique said...

Nice SAL choices! I think I must not have the discipline to do SAL... I have started 2 and quit both of them.
Looking forward to watching yours develop :)

stitcherw said...

Both projects look wonderful, have fun with your upcoming SAL's. It is such fun to be stitching a project with a group and see how everyone does (especially the subtle changes they make in fabric or colors to make it their own).

Jenna said...

Looks like you're going to have plenty of fun in 2008! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Ann Holewll Sampler. Hope to see your progress in the future.

I would like to have more information about Ann Holewll sampler such as:
1. What is the size of this sampler?
2. Is this stitch over 3?
I saw your WIP pic, it looks like stitch over 3.
3. Did you stitch it on 35 ct or 40 ct linen? in silk or DMC? Thank you for your help.



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