Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Laying Tools, Part 2

Any bloggers with additional information, links, opinions, photos -- please advise & I'll add links!! I think it is helpful for beginner stitchers to have a grasp of needlework tools & usage.

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More information on Laying Tools:

ooops! I forgot about the Tekobari. Marjorie (Moonsilk Stitches Blog) sent me an e-mail about her laying tools & mentioned the Tekobari. I don't own one. If I every see one, I will absolutely buy one : )

The Gilded Edge has a marvelous tutorial on laying flat silks w/Tekobari. I really liked this site & the photographs above & below the frame demonstrate the use of any laying tool! (and, if you wanted to know how to use Koma -- check HERE)

I tried to take some photos - but mine were not great [lighting issue]. So, went on-line & found wonderful tutorials. Link Here for another site with laying tool tutorial. PLUS, they have a section of Free Samples loaded with complimentary patterns. There is one by Laura J. Perin which (IMO) would be great to practice with a laying tool - has loads of straight stitches / satin stitches.

Another excellent LINK HERE demonstrating the use of laying tool. The pictures are wonderful!

OK, I realize now, that I didn't get the link in my last post for Glass Laying Tool. They are quite beautiful. I have never held one in my hand!!

FINAL TIP: Don't forget the Thread Heaven. IMO - helps tame the fibers and keep them tangle free.


tintocktap said...

Great posts on laying tools. I don't generally use one myself, but have always wondered. For now, I'll stick to railroading, it seems good enough for me just now, but I did use a large needle recently to help with laying some ribbon.

Cathy B said...

I'm going to have to come back and read these last three posts when I have more time. I have never used any laying tools!

xsquared said...

Thank you so much for these links! I've never quite understood how to use a laying tool, but now I think I definitely need to buy one!

Pam said...

What great information! Thank you for posting the info and links. I've wanted to try this but need to figure out my stand first before I give it a go. It really bothers me when I stitches don't lay well. And... you really should work on your gameboard! Watching your progress is one of the reasons why I bought the chart and started mine! ;)

Jeanne said...

I do own a tekobari, and don't own a BLT (Best Laying Tool), though I have handled them. I haven't seen much difference between the two. Perhaps somebody else can tell us the difference!

Von said...

Great information you've shared with us, Le! Thanks so much! I don't often use a laying tool, except for my needle itself now and then. But if I ever need one I can always come here to figure out the best one for me. :D

Jenna said...

Interesting post. I always thought that I was getting my satin stitches full enough, but it looks like the laying tool definitely makes a difference! I bought a handmade wooden one a while back, so I might try using it now and then. Thanks for this post!


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